Coupon Q&A: Savings

Q: What do you do with your coupon savings?

A: With my coupon savings, I am able to stretch my money to buy *splurge* needs. There are so many things you could do with the savings, like save for a vacation, college, dates, etc., but I find the $100 our family budgets per month for household goods (mostly what I get my best deals on), I don’t have to eat a huge chunk getting things we’d really *like* to have and have to then budget extra for, like my Hubby’s favorite hair product (~$16 at a good price!). In my opinion, I’d rather spend money on something we will use multiple times instead of a one-time dinner out, or a pedicure that is no-longer pretty after less than 2 weeks. Sure, there will be a time for it, (and I very much look forward to it!) but for now, our money is better spent on necessities, even if they are more expensive ones.


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