To Move, or Not to Move…

As of tomorrow, I am 25 weeks pregnant with our Little. The most common thing we hear from people when we tell them we don’t know the gender is “Oh, I have to know. I’m a planner.” Hello, people… Type-A extreme over here! I’m a planner, too. I just know you didn’t plan for one gender or another when you got pregnant, so why not enjoy the surprise on D-Day? Hearing my Hubby tell me we had daughters, instead of some random ultrasound tech, was worth the price of admission.

But I plan…. I plan orchestrate escape routes different scenarios of how things might turn out. You should have seen me planning orchestrating childcare for Big when I went into labor with Middle! Funny enough, what ended up happening wasn’t one of my many scenarios, and yet, it all worked out.

That doesn’t keep me from planning orchestrating! I’m a “plan for the worst, hope for the best” kinda gal.

When I was pregnant with our Middle, Big was a full year older than Middle is now (you follow?). She was potty trained, and had already transitioned to the front-off-the-crib toddler bed by the time we knew we were pregnant. Moving her to her Big Girl Room was a no-brainer.

Middle, however, is still in a full crib. We have an extra toddler mattress in her room, that Big has been using when we kick her out of her twin bed for a house guest, that I’ve had her nap on a few times. She does fine, though her naps are shorter, by about an hour, but she does sleep and doesn’t constantly try to come out of her room. We have yet to try bedtime on the mattress. She also seems just fine in the crib, having never tried to climb out and still sleeping well.

Middle is also in diapers. The changing table (and all it entails) is, obviously, in the nursery. She does tell me she has a soiled diaper, which I know is a step in the right direction for potty training, but we *only* have 103 days until my Due Date (yes, I’m counting), and I think it’s pretty unreasonable to hope/plan on her being trained by Little’s arrival. Besides, I worry about regression and don’t want to force her to train before she’s ready.

So, I’ve run through a few options for sleeping/changing arrangements and I’m looking for some feedback/suggestions.

Do we

A) Keep Middle in the crib and in the nursery.

Upside: It makes sense because she’s happy in there and she’s still going to need the changing table access. Little would share a room with her when s/he is ready.

Downside: We’d have to go in the nursery in the middle of the night for Little changes and we’d have to get a 2nd crib for Little.

B) Move Middle into Big’s room.

Upside: Middle is doing well the few times she’s been on the Big Girl mattress and the end-goal is for the Bigs to share a room with bunk beds.

Downside: We’d have to use the nursery to change diapers (or have a mobile changing area, though with cloth diapering, it’s SO much easier to have things all in one place), and Middle still naps but wouldn’t be able to if Big was playing in there at naptime. (Mommy needs quiet too!)

C) Keep Middle in the crib and in the nursery and move her to Big’s room when Little needs the crib. 

Upside: Middle can stay where she’s comfortable for now.

Downside: We run the risk of Middle feeling “kicked out” of the nursery/bed by Little and carrying resentment. This is not something we had to deal with when Middle was born, but I’m not sure if it’s because we transitioned Big into her Big Girl Room 3 months prior to Middle being born, or if the additional year was the biggest contributing factor.

I am sure there are other suggestions out there, and I’m all ears! I’ve never added a 3rd kid to a 3-bedroom house before, but maybe you have! Or maybe a fresh pair of eyes just need to evaluate the situation and find me some clarity. I know it’s out there… i just don’t think I’m the one who has it!


3 thoughts on “To Move, or Not to Move…

  1. Hey friend! So we didn’t have a choice with the room situation, Brooklyn and Peyton are 23 months apart…we got B a Big girl bed and talked it up, how exciting it was, that she is going to be a big sister and big girl now, etc…Peyton was in the bassinet for awhile in our room and we would change her anywhere, our bed, pack n play (we have the one with a changer on it and we are selling it on CL) the couch…I bought a plastic caddy you would norm put cleaning stuff in and used it as a diaper caddy so it was portable…when we transitioned P into their room it was pretty easy, night time went well, nap time was tricky so they either napped at different times (not my first choice) or she napped in the bassinet or pack n play in another room. But on the flip side when the girls were about the same age as yours are we got a bunk bed and that worked out well too with a rail on the bottom bunk for Peyton who was thrilled to be out of the crib and doing the big girl thing like her sister. We still do naps in separate rooms some days when I need one or both of them to get a good rest in only because the waterproof mattress cover makes a lot of noise when Brooklyn is moving around on the top, I think it wakes Peyton up. Sorry so long…just how we made it work

  2. Tough one…. I would think that Little is going to be the most “adaptable” since he/she will be the smallest. Sounds like Middle’s feelings need to be the most “looked after”. Have you thought about a Pack & Play w/ a changing table on it? That’s what we bought for Fragile for our room until I’m ready to have him in the nursery. It might be a good solution until Big and Middle get used to Little… Then you can do some moving around. Good Luck 🙂

    • We have a PNP with changing table on it, but that doesn’t solve the problem of wanting the PNP in the car… Unless we bought a new PNP.

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