Prowling for Deals: 5/15-5/21

My Facebook page started blowing up with drugstore deals that start tomorrow (5/15). Here are the links I used to prowl.

My Frugal Adventures: Walgreens Deals

My Frugal Adventures: CVS Deals

My Frugal Adventures: Rite Aid Deals

Once I saw those hit, I got out my tools:

The Tools of the Trade

My tools include:

  • My files of coupon inserts
  • scissors
  • pen
  • small notepad
  • paper clips
  • internet access (I used my phone this week because my Hubby was working on our Mac)
  • Calculator (not pictured)
Next, I peruse the deal sites, one store at a time, finding and clipping the coupons before I write the product on my list in my small notebook (because sometimes the coupon listed on the deal site is not in my insert, or I’ve already used it!). I highlight the MFQs I’ll need to clip in the coming Sunday’s paper and write down which insert I’ll find it in. If you have any rewards coupons, make sure you include those! Once I have my list written (I write my total prices down too so I can see my savings right before my eyes), I paper clip all of the coupons to the back of the page, and move on to the next store.
Completed store list (Wags), with stack of MFQs.
After all of the store lists are complete and all the MFQs are clipped, I pull out my calculator to see what my transactions should look like to make sure I am compliant with the coupon policy of each store (for instance, at Walgreens, you can’t use more coupons than you have products, so you may need to play with how things are bought or buy a “filler” item, like a pack of gum).  Once I have my transactions numbered, (it takes practice!), I paper clip the stack of coupons by transaction, put them in order, and then re-clip them to the store list.

Store list with MFQs separated by transaction

Here are the deals I’ll hit this week:
Transaction 1

(2) Hefty 1-Zip:
Sale Price: $3.29/2
MFQ: $1/2
Total: $2.29/2
Jet Dry :
Sale Price: $3.49
RR: $1.50
MFQ: $.55/1
Total: $1.44
Finish Dishwasher Cleaner:
Sale Price: $3.49
RR: $1.50
MFQ: $.40/1
Total: $1.59
Transaction 1 Total = $5.32 – $5 RR from a previous trip = $.32 OOP (plus tax) + $3 RR
Transaction 2
(3) Gillette Body Washes:
Sale Price: 3/$10
RR: $3.00
MFQ: (3) $2/1
Total: $1.00 for three
(3) Gillette Deodorant:
MFQ: (3) Buy One Gillette Body Wash, Get One Gillette Deodorant (up to $4.99)
Total: FREE for three
Transaction 2 Total= $1.00 OOP (plus tax) + $3 RR
Transaction 3
Duncan Hines Brownies:
Sale Price: 5/$5 ($1 each)
MFQ: $.50/1
Total: $.50
(2) Colgate Pro Clinical Toothpaste:
Sale Price: 2/$6
RR: $4.00 WYB 2
MFQ: $1.50/1
MFQ: $1/1
Total: FREE + $.51 MM for two!
(I’ll need to buy a filler item because I am using a RR, which counts as a coupon, so I have one more “coupon” than I do products. Looks like hubby is going to get a pack of gum!)
Transaction 3 Total= $4.00 – $3 RR from Trans. 1 = $1.00 OOP + $4 RR
Walgreens Totals: $2.32 OOP +$7 RR for a future trip
Oral-B Glide Floss:
Sale Price: $2.99
+Up Reward: $2.00
MFQ: $.75/1
Total: $.25
Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrush:
Sale Price: $2.99
+Up Reward: $2.00
MFQ: $1.50/1
Total: FREE + $.51 MM
Colgate 360 Toothbrush:
Sale Price: $2.99
+Up Reward: $2.00
MFQ: $1/1
Total: FREE + $.01 MM
Rite-Aid Total: All 1 Transaction = $5.72 – $4 +Up from a previous trip = $1.72 OOP + $6 +Up
Dial Soap (3pk)
Sale Price: $1.88
ECB: $1.00
Total: $.88
(2) Neutrogena Sun Screen
Price: I’m looking for anything around $7.99, but the prices vary
ECB: $10.00
MFQ: (2) $1/1
Total: $3.98/2
CVS Total: All 1 Transaction = $4.86 – $5.54 ECB from a previous trip = $.68 over that will pay for taxes on my products + $11 ECB
To sum it up, I’ll be spending $4.04 OOP but taking home $24 in rewards coupons!
It’s definitely Worth The Trip.

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