Honor Bound

The series message at church for the next few weeks is “Honorology”. Last week, we focused on honoring our parents, which was fitting as it was Mother’s Day. But we all know not all parents are honorable. Doug said that God wants you to honor their position, if for nothing else than without them, you wouldn’t be here. Respecting them, that’s a whole other matter.

Respect is something others earn. Honor is something that you give. 

Today, we heard a message about a little guy named David (you know, the one with the sling shot that killed that big dude named Goliath, and later became King? Yeah… him), and Saul, who, at the time of the story we looked at today (1 Samuel 24:1-7), was King.

The gist of the story is this: David used to work for Saul, but Saul fired him and put a bounty on his head. Talk about burning bridges! Anyhoo… Saul took 3,000 of his soldier to look for Little Ol’ David in a place filled with caves that are easy to hide in, and hard to find someone in. Searching for someone in caves in the Middle East… yeah… I can imagine how that might look.

At some point in the journey, Saul steps inside one of these many caves to relieve himself. Seriously. The Bible talks about his need to relieve himself. Gotta love The Good Book.

Now, our Pastor, Doug, is one funny dude. Not only does he look like Will Farrell (actually, many of the staff members have famous dopplegangers, but that’s a whole other post in itself), he’s also got a great sense of humor. During services, I’ve taken to writing down some of the awesome one-liners that come out of his mouth. One of my personal favorites is “We’re gonna sneeze the Holy Spirit on you!”. Yes. He said that. In church. Awesome. 

Doug had a little comic relief (*insert rimshot here*) about Saul’s call of nature…

“When you’re in a car and you gotta go, you gotta go, right? I’m betting it’s MUCH worse when you’re on a donkey”

Truer words…

So, the story goes on that in Saul’s most vulnerable state, David could have easily killed him and taken the throne. But instead, he cut a piece of Saul’s clothes, and even then, “his conscience began to hurt”. David knew that God had chosen Saul as King and that, though the opportunity presented itself, he knew he should not harm him. He honored the position God had put him in, and in later years, he reaped the benefits of that honor by becoming King, the honorable way.

I struggle with leading an honorable life, though, today, I did my best to let honor guide me. I honored my position in the family and took care of all that has been given to me. I honored the differences in my children, knowing that God made them according to His plan. I honored God’s Word by living it.

How have you been honored or shown honor today?


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