The Mom-To-Be Who Has Everything

When someone is expecting a baby, they need *stuff*. First babies need a crib, clothes, burp cloths, a carseat, etc… And those are just the basics! Let’s not forget about the bouncy chair/swing/jumperoo, portable crib, glider (though, for us, it was a basic), and all the accoutrement (side note: I’m stoked I spelled that right on the first try. Either that or my MacBook is not nearly as smart as I think it is) that goes along with adding a squirming little poop machine to a household!

When I buy a friend a baby gift, I struggle with what to get. I want it to be practical, but able to be used for an extended amount of time, and it needs to fit into my budget. My favorite gift for first time parents are baby hangers and a hamper. Both get used on a daily basis. Even better, my money is stretched the furthest possible!

But what do you get for a Mom-to-Be who has all of that *stuff*?

When I was pregnant with my Middle, I knew I didn’t need much in the way of Baby Gear. I’d kept all most of my things from Big, so I was pretty well stocked as far as baby things went. I’m not the kind of person who wants new *stuff* because the other is soooo last season. If it’s safe, reliable, and in good repair, I’m sold.

“Subsequent baby” showers are typically “diaper showers”, but I’ve got that covered. When the time came to have a shower, generously hosted by my Mom and Sister, I only asked for Bum Genius 3.0 Cloth Diapers. At $17.95 a pop, I knew it would be a costly investment, but the fact that I’d be in the black by 4.5 months was worth it to me. We knew we were going to cloth diaper Middle, and were reluctantly prepared to buy our stock of diapers, but I got most of my stock of 22 diapers from friends and family! I have since accumulated more than enough cloth diapers to have Little AND Middle in cloth! I’ve been so blessed with generous people in my life.

I’ve got my double strollers (jogger and umbrella), my soft-sided carrier, my crib/changing table, my gender neutral newborn clothes, my infant carseat, my teething toys, my burp rags, and a myriad of other *stuff* that you think you *need*, but really just thought was cute. To my own credit, though, I am trying to be brutally honest with myself when it comes to that stuff and have managed to whittle it down considerably. It’s a skill I might as well practice now having 3 kids in a 1200 sq. ft. house.

So, I’ve been asked this time around, “What do you want for a shower, since you already have the diapers?”

I’ve made a list. (Shocking, I know). And please, be aware that I’m not posting this list as a “Gift Grab”. I just know other people who struggle with gift buying for 2nd/3rd/4th/etc. kids. I’d be *happy* to add to this list if other mom’s of more-than-one want to chime in with out of the box ideas!

  • A Toddler bed/Twin bed for their older children.
  • A Gift Card to The Container Store, (or somewhere like it) with the intention of buying closet organizers for the older kids if they are going to be sharing a room, not a new spice rack.
  • A Diaper bag Backpack, big enough to fit stuff for 2 diapered kids. Sure, those designer bags are super cute, but  you try looking chic while holding an infant on one hip and your screaming toddler on the other, while trying to balance your Coach diaper bag that you don’t want to put on the ground because you spent $300+ on a bag that’s main function is to hold poopy diapers and smashed Cheerios. I just got a diaper bag backpack from a good great awesome friend of mine, a fellow Mom of 3, and for some reason, I feel WAY more ready to have this Little!
  • A new piece of art for the baby’s room, especially if they are using the same paint scheme from the First Baby(ies). When Middle came around, we changed out the artwork to make the room feel new. Middle didn’t know the difference!
  • A session with a photographer. Whether it’s for family photos, newborn pictures, or a combination of both, this is a gift that will be cherished for years to come. Our kids are only little once, and pictures help bridge that gap. (and since this is my blog, I’ll go ahead with my shameless self-promotion.)
  • Gift Certificates for a dinner out with the family. There is a time that you want to leave the kids at home, but when things are new, our family likes to stay together.
  • A Housecleaner! This is probably at the top of my list, now that I have my diaper bag!
  • Home Cooked Meals. This is my absolute favorite “gift” to give to people. It’s giving of my time and my talents (I’m not a half bad cook!) and I know how much I appreciated not having to cook on the days our old church provided them after I had Big.
That’s all I can think of for now, but I *know* there are other great ideas out there! What are some that I’m missing?

Have an opinion? Of course you do! Why not share is here? All bloggers love to get a little comment love! :)

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