Top 5: Why You Should Leave Kids at Home to Grocery Shop

5) You don’t have to push that unwieldily shopping cart with the car on the front. Those things are terrible… from the tiny basket (yeah. Cuz everyone knows if you have kids you only buy 3/4 of the stuff non-parental-types buy), their inability to navigate the produce section without a couple near misses, their attention-getting-wobbly wheels when you want nothing more than to blend in despite the screaming children from whom you have managed to release the My Little Pony Fruit Snacks that are conveniently placed at “car height”.

4) You are less likely to forget something on your list. Today, I forgot bread and chicken. Go me.

3) You are less likely to bring home things that weren’t on your list. See the aforementioned fruit snacks. Sometimes it’s just not worth it… and that’s saying something coming from a budget-conscious lady.

2) You don’t have to answer the questions, nor squelch the tears, when you don’t get them a free cookie from the bakery. See the aforementioned screaming children.

1) If you’ve left the kids at home, there is likely someone there with them (do I really have to remind you to only leave them at home if someone is home?!?), and that someone can unload the groceries for you. Coming from a woman that’s 26 weeks pregnant with her third child and struggling with some pretty intense back pain this go-around, that’s a major perk.


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