Thinking in Different Terms

(This post covers a lot of ground. It originally started as an update to “To Move or Not To Move…”, my dilemma about sleeping arrangements for Big and Middle once Little arrived, but you get two for the price of one… there’s a little Money Matters and God Moments in the mix! Enjoy.)

Two days ago, I went to my mom’s house without the kids. We talked, briefly about the possible configurations for Big and Middle’s shared room. After ten minutes of using our hands as “here’s the bed” and a Time magazine as “here’s the room”, we decided to head to the bed store to actually look at bunk beds.

I, of course, fell in love with the biggest, most storage-amped bunk bed, priced at a measly $2399 (on “sale”). However, being reasonable, I “settled” on loving the cheaper, more basic but still beautiful, $999 one (also on “sale”). I could live without storage under the bed *gasp!*. Of course, the “sale” was going to end when the stock ran out, but the salesperson had just one more white one. Better slap a credit card down to secure our purchase! Right? Who’s with me?? My mom offered to put it on her card, since the Hubby and I only have a debit card.

A quick aside (because I haven’t done a full post about it yet): We love Dave Ramsey. Don’t know what that means? It means we save for what we want and have committed to never borrowing money again. Even for a bed.

We had already budgeted $100 for our “Shared Room” project, and I had 5 crisp $20 bills in my wallet envelope. We knew Gram and Gramps wanted to help buy a twin mattress, but I know they weren’t planning on spending $899 on a mattress! We simply didn’t have the money for the $999 bunk bed.

So, I went home, sans bunk bed, much to my Mom’s chagrin. (When I told her we would not be borrowing money, she said “but it’s for the KIDS, not for you guys!”. Yeah. Even more reason to not borrow.)

I told the Hubby about the excursion, and hopped on Craigslist just to see what was out there. I searched “bunkbed” and up came the usual 50-or-so results. I’d done this search a hundred times in the past 6-month period. I was no newbie to seeing beds that were perfect but too far away/ too expensive/ poorly cared for/ the wrong color.

But this time was different.

Line 4: “White Wood Bunk Bed with Mattresses: $280”

White? With Mattresses?? $280??? Be still, my heart.

I called the number in the ad, and was pleasantly surprised to hear a familiar song as the “ring back”. Though the name of the song is escaping me at the moment (darn you, pregnancy brain!), I instantly recognized it to be a song I often hear on KLove Radio! Christians. Thanks, God. Win one for the sellers!

I told the lady I could come down tomorrow (Sunday), but she said she couldn’t meet until after Church. Non-twice-a-year Christians. Win two for the sellers!

When we met them the next day, it was so wonderful to be recognized and called a Brother and Sister in Christ. A simple transaction between strangers, turned out to be an affirmation that we had made the right choices (not buying the $999 bed) and that God had put us in the path of these awesome people. We felt more confident in our purchase, and I had no qualms handing $260 over to the seller. (Yes, I haggled. I asked for $250, but was fully prepared to spend the original asking price).


The Hubby and I both said a blessing on them as we happily drove home.

With the help of Nana and Papa we were able to set up the beds and the girls slept in a shared room for the first time, except on vacation. Middle went down first, at her normal time of 7pm, and the Hubby and I played “fetch” with Big (yes. You read that right) for another 30 minutes.

Then Middle woke up crying. She had thrown up 😦 We cleaned her up, and put them both to bed at the same time. It took another 90 minutes for them to be asleep, (and after turning on the “Daddy Doll“, turning off the night light, dimming the overhead light, singing some songs, and finally putting an ipod in to very softly play Enya) but it happened. 9pm, and we were able to check on our beautiful kids, excited for the adventure that is coming.

They slept until 7am. I’ll take it. (I could really do without Middle waking up with vomit in her hair from another bout of it in the night. But a bath and a round of laundry later, and we’re all good. Not sure what’s going on there…)

Didja just skim through my post? Were you looking for the Cliff Notes?

Update: To Move…: Girls slept from 9pm-7am. Success.

Money Matters: There is ALWAYS a better (read: cheaper) option out there if you just have patience, think a little differently than you’re used to, and keep an open mind.

God Moments: God always provides by putting the right people in your path at the right time. If you openly share your faith in Him, you will be blessed beyond measure.




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