My Big Fat Frugal Kid-Free Weekend

The Hubby and I are sooooo excited for the kids to stay with my parents next weekend! We’re dropping them off on Friday and will pick them up sometime on Saturday. Aside from the squirmy wormy in my belly and the fact that I can’t drink, we’re gonna be livin’ it up like we did before kids! But this time, on a budget…

Some of the deals we’re taking advantage of:

  • Dinner on Friday: A $50 Gift Card to Piatti’s Italian Restaurant that we got as a wedding gift… in January 2005.
  • Breakfast on Saturday: A free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity coupon I got from IHOP for my birthday (next Wednesday, if you’re keeping track). I’m not a big fan of the RTFnF, but my Hubby is, so I’ll just get something else while he uses the coupon. I don’t have to clean up. Good enough for me!
  • A movie on Saturday: I bought 2 tickets for $9 on LivingSocial. The deal is still active if you want to jump on it!
  • Lunch on Saturday: Thanks to‘s promo code “DEAL”, I was able to get a $25 Gift Certificate for just $3 to a local BBQ joint that I’ve really been wanting to try! Your bill has to be $35 to use the GC, but the Hubby will have a beer or two and we’ll easily reach that.
So, in addition to getting to sleep in, I won’t have to cook or clean up from THREE meals and the Hubby gets to see a movie (I totally go for him. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Bridesmaids, even though I’ve heard it’s awesome).
Total projected to spend on My Big Fat Frugal Kid-Free Weekend…
1 entree for me at IHOP: $10
Movie: $9
Lunch: $13 ($3 GC + $10 to get to $35)
Is it next Friday yet??

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