Top 5: Why I Want to Be Big

(Big as in my eldest daughter, not Big as in totally awesome 80’s movie starring Tom Hanks)

5) She wakes up ready to tackle each day with such zest and zeal! The girl can wake up at 6am (not my favorite habit these days), dress herself, and emerge from the safety of her room with great anticipation of what her day holds. She doesn’t crawl out of bed needing caffeine. She doesn’t stand at her closet and wonder what to wear (more on that in a minute). She certainly doesn’t wake up anticipating what things will upset her in a day. Not to mention the fact that she runs from one room to another, like a little speeding train that has a schedule to keep. Our house isn’t big enough for her to get behind schedule!

4) She thinks good conversation is a perfect substitute for a healthy meal. The number of times we’ve had to say “I care about what you have to say, but now is time to eat”, and “BIG. EAT”, because she is so wrapped up in telling us about the characters on her sister’s sippy cup (yes, it’s still a poodle…. Mommy’s poodle growing up was named Annabelle… yes, I remember seeing a black poodle walking that ONE time… no, I don’t know what that dog’s name was… BIG.EAT). But she girl is growing relationships right before my eyes. She’s bonding with her sister. She’s connecting with her parents. She’s discovering the world (and as I type this, she is making her “hair fly”. BIG.EAT).

3) She could rival Lady Gaga Bjork in the fashion department (no meat suits here, but I could totally see her fawning over the swan dress). I admire her uniqueness and I pray that she stays true to her own vision in so many aspects of her life, not just clothes. I’ve let her pick her own outfits since she was about 2 year old, and she comes up with some ah-mazing outfits. Long-sleeved red and green velvet Christmas dress  with hot pink argyle knee socks in June? Par for the course. Spaghetti strap sundress and flip flops in December? Nothin’ wrong with that! A bright red white and blue flowered shirt and pink, brown and white polka dotted pants? Yup. At least she’s safely made it out of the I-like-to-wear-diapers/underwear-on-my-head phase. That went on for quite some time.

2) She’s a wonderful judge of character. Day one of her preschool career, she found “the one”. She and her best friend, I’ll call her Punky, became inseparable after Punky was having a hard time with her parents leaving and Big approached her and said “It’s ok. You can hang out with me”. At dinner we’d ask her what he favorite part of school that day was she she’d always answer “Punky”. I swear, you’d think Punky was the only other kid in her class. I’m sure the rockin’ attire Punky often sports was one of the reasons Big admires her so. Punky is as sweet, as sensitive, and as loyal as Big is, making them a powerful duo. It’s been incredible to see her choose her own friends, not just kids of my friends, because I’m proud of who she identifies with. They aren’t rough-and-tumble. They aren’t blatantly disrespectful. They aren’t bullies.

1) She is capable of new mercies every day. Talk about amazing. I could be spitting fire at her all day and she still wants to snuggle with me at the end of the day. God’s mercies are new every morning, and I have no doubt that He is showing me that it’s possible for my mercies to be new every morning through my Big.

Thank You, God.


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