Top 5: Happy Birthday To Me!

5) Free Stuff

5) I have learned SO much in the past 2 years of budgeting, but dare I say I’ve never been more pleased about a freebie than to find out that you can get a free drink on your birthday at Starbucks (just register a card on their website. I didn’t even have to show id to prove it was my birthday! But I’m a good Christian Girl and won’t be taking advantage of that, even though I *really* want to). And not some piddly tall drip coffee. Nope. Uh-uh. No Siree Bob! You can get any drink you want. I’ll take a venti, thankyouverymuch! Even better? I didn’t have to share one.single.drop with either of my kids, nor did I hear any crying or whining about it.

Happy Birthday to me!

4) Mommy's Robot Slave

4) Yes. I got a vacuum. From my Hubby. As a gift. This Type-A clean-freak soon-to-be Mom of 3 with 2 shedding dogs will nary have to do more than push a button to clean her house. So, yes. I got  vacuum. From my Hubby. As a gift. And it’s perfect. (credit where credit is due: my parents and one set of in-laws kicked down too. Thank you! The personalization is courtesy of my artsy crafty-genius sister.)

Happy Birthday to me!

3) I can barely see my feet

3) Gaining 25 lbs in 7 months means I have a healthy (and beautiful. Trust me) baby growing in my body. Could there be any greater a gift? Even when parenting feels like it’s draining every ounce of energy and patience I have, it’s work that is worth something.

Happy Birthday to me!

2) New Adventures

2) I am raising children with imaginations, aspirations, and achievements all their own. They make me so proud when they do something new and the pride just comes screamin’ out of them. Middle climbed this rock wall at the park today (side note: there was an actual climbing wall at the park too, but she’s apparently more organic than that. I blame the cloth diapers) and while my heart was beating quickly for fear of her falling, knowing that hers was beating in anticipation of climbing a retaining wall mountain makes it not so scary. When she got to the top, she cried out “I DID IT!” and threw her arms around me when I came to slow the beating of my own heart with her “rescue”.

Happy Birthday to me!

1) It’s all about perspective, folks. I know that I am able to see a free Starbucks drink (and actually getting to enjoy it by myself!), a small appliance, a significant weight gain, and a parenting freak-out as as gifts because God has changed my perspective this year. I am humbled by the grace he extends me every single day.



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