I’ll Take Discomfort for One, Thanks

I’m a creature of comfort.

I like the wear the same pair of jeans. I wear a pair of shoes until they have ZERO life left. I have my routines that work (usually), and I’m calmest when I know what’s coming.

Starting this blog, and being as open as I have tried to be is NOT in my comfort zone. Yes, I sometimes over-share with friends, but those are my friends. They signed up for that job (and some aren’t cut out for the job and recuse themselves). But a public blog? Even more, the public at large??

I listen to K-Love radio and often find my hands in the air in praise as I’m driving. If someone sees me, it makes me smile thinking I may have made them laugh. In the past 24 hours, I’ve had to take my car in for some maintenance. I usually turn my radio down as I pull into the driveway out of respect for those working on my car, or I’ve found that my radio has been turned off during the course of the repair. Yesterday, as I pulled in to get my oil changed, I turned the radio off. Then I thought better of it. I turned it back on and even turned it up a little bit. Now, I know they only had to drive my car from the parking space that I parked in to the bay where they’d be changing my oil, but I thought, WHO KNOWS.

Maybe the guy who took my car into the bay would hear a message that would resonate for the rest of the day. Maybe the guy who pulled my car out of the oil changing bay would hear something that would stay with him for his whole life! Who am I to say what would or wouldn’t happen to these people if I left my “Positive. Encouraging. K-Love” on the radio? I did the same thing when I had a tire repair this morning, and both times, I was pleasantly surprised that my radio was still on when I was back in the drivers seat.

The only thing I know for certain is that I *could* have been missing an opportunity to spread God’s Word.

So, do you feel an urge to DO something? (or in this case, NOT to do something?). How are you being spirit-led, and more importantly, are you listening??


2 thoughts on “I’ll Take Discomfort for One, Thanks

  1. Katie, thank you for the reminder. I do the same when I pull into the “service” center. I have Sirius satellite radio and 99.9 % of the time, have it on “The Message” Christian radio. I will definitely leave it ON from now on!

  2. Listening for opportunities to share our faith can lead to friendships. I met one of my friends through a letter about her faith that she had published in our county newspaper. I overheard her name at one of my daughter’s Tae Kwon Do classes and remembered it from the letter so I walked up and introduced myself to her. Not something I really cared to do back then but it worked out. We set up a Bible study and we would alternate between her home and mine. We became friends as a result (even though she has since moved away and we’ve lost touch for now). Still, a simple sharing of faith through a letter led to something more.

    Isn’t there a verse that says, “Cast your bread upon the water and it will come back to you?”

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