Get Over Yourself, Katie

Just two nights ago, I asked the Hubby, “Should I be sad that no one is throwing us a shower?”, to which he promptly relied “NO”.

(To be fair, I, technically, *was* thrown a shower by a couple wonderful friends from Big’s preschool, but I was barely showing (26 weeks pregnant) and it was a shared shower between myself and 2 other mommies. I did appreciate the gift of “Girl Time” though!)

Back to my pity party…

I’m 36 weeks pregnant. And there has been no mention of the next couple of weeks having some surprise in store for me… and it made me sad. But to be honest, it made me more sad that I was even upset about it! I’ve always said that I think all babies and pregnant mommies should be celebrated, no matter if it’s the 1st or their 5th child.ย I’d be lying if I had said the thought didn’t cross my mind that maybe I wasn’t a good enough daughter/friend/sister/etc. to deserve a shower for my third kid. In recent years/months, I’ve taken great care to live a genuine life and to love fully. I’ve been blessed beyond measure with some amazingly Godly women, whom I share a connection with that is deeper than the fact that we have kids around the same age. So, God put it on my heart to figure out why I was feeling neglected.

And then it dawned on me… a perfect baby shower doesn’t happen on one Saturday afternoon with deviled eggs and tea sandwiches. It doesn’t happen when a bunch of women have to guess which is your baby picture. It doesn’t happen when there is an array of pastel packages, tied up with string, stacked in an impressive pyramid. It doesn’t happen when the mommy-to-be holds a onesie up to her expanding tummy like it actually will show how big her baby is!

My perfect shower has been happening this entire pregnancy.

It didn’t dawn on me until this morning, in the midst of gearing up for an extremely long day of watching my own two kids as well as my 3-year old nephew whilst the Hubby works overtime until 9pm. It came in the form of a Facebook wall post:

“Can I help you today? We are free after naps. We can come break up your afternoon….I can bring pizza for dinner and then walk the kids up to the park to get them out of your hair for an hour. Happy to do it.”

It came again in the form of an unexpected prayer from an old friend:

“Creator God, thank you, thank you for the life you have given to Katie and her family. Their babies, their joy, their love- all a gift from you. We trust you will do your best work in these coming weeks as they anticipate bringing home a new little one and celebrating their oldest little one beginning Kindergarten. Thank you for the ways you bless Katie and the way you shine in and through her. Give her peace and safety as you continue to knit! Amen!”

And then I started to remember all the times my friends, some of whom I’ve only *really* known for the past 2 years or less, have offered their love and support during this pregnancy. They’ve driven long distances to watch my kids. They’ve given me prayers. They’ve given me strength during the early morning sickness, fun times during the second trimester energy boost, and a helping hand in the third trimester aches and pains.

For this, I say Thank You, God. Thank you for paving my path so that I may enjoy the company of these strong Sisters in Christ as I prepare to welcome this gift into the world. Thank you for making my time with them extend further than 2 hours on a Saturday. Thank you for always knowing what’s best for me, for opening my eyes to seeing what is right in front of me, and for opening my heart to recognize it.

I, indeed, feel more showered in love than ever before.

Thank You.


10 thoughts on “Get Over Yourself, Katie

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  2. Isn’t it amazing what can happen when we recognize what we have instead of dwell on what we don’t have? I have *not* been doing that this summer. thanks for offering to pray for me a few posts back, BTW. I don’t even know where to start… but you are a LEOW too so you prob have a pretty good idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll have to get back to you, but I have treasured your offer. thank you!

    • “Isnโ€™t it amazing what can happen when we recognize what we have instead of dwell on what we donโ€™t have?”

      Amen. I think that’s a BIG part of what I want this blog to help with. I may not get the whole “Holy Optimism” down pat every day (I’m human), but it is absolutely my sincere prayer that people I love, and even those I have never met, can find hope in the darkness that they encounter. Thanks for noticing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kates! What a great ah ha moment! Can’t wait to love on your new little one and to bond with your already here little miracles……love you tons, see you in the morn! Xoxo

  4. and it will continue to happen after you have baby O. ๐Ÿ™‚ We LOVE YOU so much & will continue to love on you after ward, through it, and always!

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