Growing When It Hurts

Today at church, the Youth Pastor gave an amazing message about having joy in growing pains. He briefly talked about his 8-year old daughter calling out to him in the middle of the night telling him her legs hurt, or her knees hurt. Ahhh yes, Growing Pains.

He said her rubs her legs for a little while and says a very simple prayer with her:

“Thank You, God, for helping me grow. Even when it hurts.”

There are SO many “growing pains” that I thought of during my time in the church auditorium, most daunting is the thought of the pains it will inevitably take to grow my family by one more little person. In the final weeks of my pregnancy, I’ve been praying to make it through the process with a grateful heart, knowing the extreme pain I will experience will be fleeting in the grand scheme of growing my family. I look forward to the process and to the end, but I fear I will lose myself in the pain.

That’s what the Hubby is for. He’s there to remind me of who I am. Of what I am capable of. Of what is at the end of the laboring. Of the fact that I am strong, blessed, healthy, happy, and ready.

But enough about my anxiety about childbirth. That’s sort of a given 😉

Another set of Growing Pains that I thought of has to do with this blog. I got an amazing amount of support from my “Get Over Yourself, Katie”  post that I have found it hard to follow my own act. I don’t want to disappoint people that read that and really related to it, but I also don’t want to “fake it”. So, I’ve relied on my Pregnancy Brain to get me out of writing. But when I started this blog, I knew God was using it as a tool for me. It was a tool for me to think more about Sunday Messages. It was a tool to help people. It was a tool to focus my thoughts and feelings when they all seem so extremely overwhelming.

Writing this blog has been a growth process, and sometimes, it hurts. It hurts to put myself out there. It hurts to change. It hurts to be honest with people, but mostly myself. But I do it all in the name of personal and spiritual growth.


2 thoughts on “Growing When It Hurts

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  2. As we were sitting next to each other in church I was thinking the same thing about birthing pains as well….
    But I was also thinking about how far I have come as a Christian since my walk a faith really started about 3 1/2 years ago.
    I have lost a lot of friends (even my brother) because I was to Christian. I honestly can’t find much in common any more with my best friend (been best friends since the 5th grade) we sat here the other day with nothing in common to talk about. She is not a believer, and Says church is for sinners. My reply to her has always been yes it is we are all sinners. Jesus died on the cross to take away or sins. Yes this realization hurt as well as so many.
    I love that you are honest. It is a breath of fresh air. I wish I had friends like you that lived closer for I have no one up here with strong faith or even any faith at all. I feel lost in this place that I grew up in because of the life I lead and who I now.
    Sorry that was a lot. Just a bunch rambling.

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