Mommy Time, Redefined.

I have a crazier than usual day planned today. The Hubby is working a 15 hour shift which means I am too. Our housecleaner is coming which means I have to clean before the cleaner does (why is that???). And I have an interview with The Oprah Winfrey Network via Skype, so I actually have to be presentable.

I get up early so I can take care of a few things before the Bigs get up at 7am. (Which, BTW, makes me all the more scared for the time change this weekend!). On my laundry-list this morning is to wash the bedsheets before the housecleaner gets here at 8:30 (check), take a shower, blog (mid-check), pack Big’s lunch, and clean up the rest of the misplaced items from around the house so then the house feels as clean as possible after the housecleaner is done.

Before Little was born, you might recall, I’d get up at 6am for some Mommy Time. Most days, I’d enjoy a hot cup of coffee, my Bible, and the pure bliss of silence, but on some days, I’d be able to get most of my “chores” done before chaos erupted. Last night, I asked the Hubby to wake me as he left the room in the morning (5:15ish) so I could get a jump start on my day.

Little had other plans for me.

Do me a favor. When I am itching to be pregnant in a year or so (I’m sure it’ll come), tell me to co-sleep with a very fussy and gassy baby. Little was up kicking me all night long, leaving little rest for the weary.

Fine. I can stick her in the swing while I get in my Mommy TIme.

Little had other plans for me.

I put her in the swing but that gassy little gal spent less than 5 minutes in there before her screaming reverberated through our non-acoustic ceilinged and hardwood floored house.

So, in the wee hours of a very long and busy day, I am consciously allowing myself to let Mommy Time be redefined.

Mommy Time can be spent being Mommy. It’s ok.

More and more, I’ve found myself slowing down to *see* my children. I see Big waltzing in her Snow White costume in the family room like she is actually at a royal Ball. I see Middle “talking” up a storm and figuring I know exactly what she’s saying. I see Little becoming more engaged and alert, smiling when we talk/sing/smile with her. I see Middle and Big tearing through the house but pit-stopping to give Little a smooch before taking off like screaming banshees again. I see Big trying to communicate her frustrations with words instead of angry faces and clenched fists.

I also see how a good perspective can make a 15+ hour day not seem quite so long and exhausting.

Today, it starts with redefining Mommy TIme.



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