It’s like an old friend. It’s like a hug. It’s like slippers on a chilly morning. It’s like a roaring fire on Christmas day. It’s like spotting your loved one from across the airport. It’s like a drug. It’s like an addiction.

Leaded. Unleaded. Cup o’ Java, Joe.

Bux or Peets.

It’s coffee.

There is only one thing I do before I feed my kids in the morning. I make a cup of coffee. I may not get to drink it while it’s hot, but it’s there. That steaming cup of creamy sugared java… *sigh* In the midst of fighting/crying/fussing/snarky babies/toddlers/Kindergartener, that cup of coffee is MINE. (unlike the toast that inevitably gets mooched away by the aforementioned toddler and Kindergartener.)

It’s not just about the libation itself. I love a good coffee mug! Actually, that’s not true. I love THREE coffee mugs, and truthfully, I only use two of them.

Mug #1 is my go-to on most mornings. I got it for Christmas from the last employer I had when I worked as a nanny. It is playful, holds a ton of the liquid gold, and fits perfectly in my grip. The only drawback to it’s adorableness is my even more adorable toddler excitedly yelling “PUPPY!!” and reaching to touch the puppy that is 192 degrees.

Mug #2 is my Grad Night mug I got back in 1997. It has all of the names of my classmates on it. When I first got the mug, I scanned the names and could visualize the faces of 99% of them. Now? I can picture about 15% of them, and mostly because I am either connected with them on Facebook or because I went to school with them from Kinder thru high school. Like me, the mug has some defects: a crack in the handle and the names disappearing from frequent washings. But it’s big, and feels like an old friend when I bring it to my lips.

Mug #3 gets very little use. Yes, I like a big ol’ cup of coffee, but this sucker holds 2.5 cups! I bought this mug in 2006 at Big Lots when I was frivolously spending money we didn’t have on things we didn’t need for a trailer that we bought with money we didn’t have for a family that was growing. It lived in the trailer for the past 4 years, only coming out to hold a cup of instant coffee. Then we sold the trailer, so the mug was brought in the house. I bought it before I’d given birth to Big. Maybe the whole “#1 Mom” thing was a bit presumptuous, but maybe I need to bring it out on days I’m feeling less than #1.

Day 5: I am thankful for coffee.


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