Near NaBloPoMo Fail!

Ok, so it’s not THAT close to midnight yet, but since getting woken up by 2 munchkins at 5am (damn you, Time Change!), my brain is pretty much mush at 7:56pm.

The Hubby did something he hasn’t done in well over a year… he played hooky!!

We’ve been so focused on meeting our debt freedom goals and saving his time off for when Little arrived, that the miscellaneous I-don’t-wanna days went by the wayside.

Today we took his car in to have the oil changed (4,000 miles overdue), bought Big’s BIG Christmas gift (a LeapPad!!), took Middle and Little to the park (“Wheeeeeee, Daddy! This is FUUUUUNNNNNN!” exclaimed Middle on the swing), shared a bite to eat at Rubio’s (Mmmmmmm shrimp quesadilla), and cleaned up the garage (the neverending project).

And then work called.

One of the hubby’s duties as MC is to be “the traffic guy”. He’s highly trained and is darn good at what he does. While I am amazed and proud of the fact that he can tell you how fast a bug was flying when it splattered into your windshield even though he can’t properly nest Tupperware to save his life, getting “the call” of a fatal accident can put a damper on any day! Not to mention that this was the second fatal in 2 days.

My kids get so sad when Daddy has to go at the last minute. When I think of the other phone calls being made about the accidents, I say a little prayer for them. Maybe I’ll pray with my kids the next time (cuz there will be a next time) this happens.



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