Imagine Your Best Day Ever…

The day you met your spouse. The day you bought your house. The day(s) you welcomed your child(ren) into the world. Your graduation day. It’s up to you.

For me, it was my wedding day.

The Hubby and I have been married for 7 years come January. I often find myself daydreaming about our wedding day, and wishing I could relive it every day. However, like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, the appeal would lessen with each repeat (though our first dance would have been perfected to wow the crowd, and I probably would have remembered to pack clothes for the next day to take to the hotel with me.)

But I think of the planning process and my eager anticipation with fondness. I was giddy! I was never “bridezilla” as my “demands” were incredibly flexible. I wanted tall ceilings and chandeliers in the venue. I wanted white flowers, but didn’t care what they were. I wore an off-the-rack dress I had gotten for $400 and altered for another $30. My bridesmaids wore Little Black Dresses from Nordstrom and whatever black shoes they liked. I found my photographer on Craigslist after I posted only wanting 2 hours of shooting and was open to apprentices. I didn’t care about engraved or embossed this-and-that, nor a basket of assorted soaps and TicTacs in the ladies room.

When the Hubby and I imagined our wedding, we saw good friends, good music, and good beer. It was to be the best party we had ever gone to.

And it was….

to date.

Since finding Christ, I like to think that my wedding day, as glorious as it was, won’t hold a candle to what is waiting for me in Heaven. I’ve come to realize that when I think of the Holy Trinity, I get giddy like I did when I planned my wedding day! I get overwhelmed at His love for me, and how excited He must be that I feel this way, much like I felt about the Hubby when he was the Fiance.

It might be because of my encounters with mortality in my peripheral, but the past few days, I have felt my heart more open to accepting His love in it’s fullest, and to be strong in sharing.


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