Is Your Diamond Red or Green?

Here’s a piece of advice…

Yay! Unsolicited Advice!!

Everyone loves unsolicited advice, right??


Too Bad.

For those of you “unseasoned” in the realm of parenthood, or for those of us who need a constant reminder, here is one universal truth:

Babies will tell you when one of their basic needs is going unmet. 

They are hungry? They cry.

They are dirty? They cry.

They are lonely? They cry.

They are tired? They cry.

As parents, we spend our days making sure those needs are met (I’m totally flashing on my Sim characters I’ve made over the years. Those folks at EA sure are on to something!).

Here is my best “New Mommy” advice:

You need to keep YOUR basic needs met.

Have you eaten today? Have you slept as well as can be expected? Have you spoken to anyone today besides that gurgling mass of neediness in your arms (albeit a very cute gurgling mass of neediness)? Have you showered in the last 2-3 days?

If you aren’t having one of those needs met, the diamond above your head is red. (Sims reference. Keep up, will ya??)

If that diamond is red, all of your interactions will be affected. You’ll carry a dark cloud around with you. No good.

If your diamond is green, all of your needs are met and you are able to care for others and have good personal relationships.


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