Why the Hair?

Ok. I *get* childbirth pain. I *get* a flabby post-partum stomach. I *get* stretch marks. I *get* lack of sleep. I *get* various aches and pains. I *get* the leaky breasts. I *get* the weight gain.

I *get* those… They all bring me my baby.

But, tell me God, why take the hair?

For 9 glorious months, you give us expectant mothers a beautiful head of hair. Less of it falls out, the sheen is blinding, and it grows so quickly. We enjoy this “perk” for as long as we can!

And then it’s gone. Clumps of it slide down our legs in the shower. Our hairbrushes are full, rather than our heads. The sink looks like a salon’s floor.We find ourselves wanting to invest in Liquid Plumber.

I *get* that I’m being totally vain here, but really… the hair?



3 thoughts on “Why the Hair?

  1. Many a vacuum have I ruined, many a drain have I clogged all in the name of the glory that is the post partum hair drop. For me it starts when the baby is around 3-4 months old along with a nice dip in emotions. The emotional stuff gets better but the hair keeps raining from my head for many months!

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