So *That’s* What “Daily” means!

If you’ve ever named a blog, you know how hard it can be. What’s your blog’s focus? Who are your readers? What is your online persona? What is the objective?

I love the name of my blog. But, call me crazy, I feel guilt about not posting daily.

Go ahead. I’ll wait….

I compose blog posts in my head throughout the day, just like I think about things in Facebook Status format.

Nod your head in agreement. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

However, I find when I actually go to type out the post, it doesn’t sound quite so Pulitzer as it did in my head. (Funny how everything sounds better in the shower).

I’m going to try my very very best, as a mom of 3 very active children, to post daily in 2012. To help give me direction, and to give me ideas for posts when I’m not quite feelin’ it, I’ve set up a schedule I’m going to follow:

Menu Monday: Always popular with my readers, especially when I include links to my recipes! I haven’t been very good at menu planning in the past month because I’ve been working on getting through my freezer meals. I’ve only had to plan out 6 meals this whole month!

To-Do Tuesday: Errands, donations, organizing something in the house, tackling a long overdue project: I’ll post about them on Tuesdays.

Weight-loss Wednesday: Spurred by Big telling me, “Mom, you look like you’re going to have another baby!”, I’m making some big changes in 2012. I’ve said throughout my 3rd pregnancy that I would lose the baby weight for the final time (I’ve done it both times before, and then some!), and invest in a nice wardrobe. Knowing I won’t be putting the pounds back on during a 4th pregnancy makes spending $150 on a pair of jeans that will make me feel like $1m worth the investment!

Thankful Thursday: I had posted that I’d do my “365 Thanks” project in 2012, but I think it’s a little ambitious. What happens if I can’t find something to be thankful for I’d feel like I was a let down. So, instead, I will jot down the things I have given thanks for during the week and basically do a thankful roundup on Thursdays.

Financial Friday: How did we pay off $77,232.88? How are we doing on our budget and saving? Is Big doing a good job with Financial Peace Jr.? Is there an awesome deal that I got in the past week, or one that I’m planning on getting the following week? If it has to do with money, you’ll find it on Financial Friday.

Selfish Saturday: Saturday is a day for whatever I want. If I want to go shopping and score some deals, I will. If I want to take my family to the beach, I will. If I want to sit on my butt playing Sims 3 all day, I’ll dream about my kids letting me do that. If I want to take a day off of posting, I will. Saturday is MY day.

Holy Spirit Sunday: If Saturday is MY day, then Sunday is God’s. Ok, ok, ok. So, technically, every day is His, but I often come home from church with a bulletin riddled with notes for a blog post, and inspiration in my heart. Thanks, Holy Spirit 🙂

And now, in homage to a long-running joke in my family, I give you Geoffrey Lewis of Celestial Navigations:

So, ya think it’ll woik?

I dunno…. TRY IT!


4 thoughts on “So *That’s* What “Daily” means!

  1. Yay! Looking forward to it. I may steal your idea – or actually just go back to posting my thankful Thursday posts too. 🙂 thanks for being a good blogging example!

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