Menu Monday: Jan. 2-8

My freezer group (look here if you have no clue what I’m talking about!) meets this week on Friday, so two of my meals are going to be the two meals I am bringing to the exchange, so I can just cook big those days.

Monday: Latin Chicken: This is a freezer meal I’m not sure the Hubby will like so I’m making it on a night he’s going out.

Tuesday: No-cook Night: We’re having pizza with friends

Wednesday: Southwestern Egg RollsI’m making these for my freezer group

Thursday: Slow Cooked Beef Rolls: This is also for my freezer group.

Friday: Mexican Stuffed Shells:  Though this is a new recipe, I can tell my family will enjoy this. I’m going to make a double batch to freeze one of them.

Saturday: Sausage Cheese Bread: I got a killer deal on a 2lb package of sausage, so I’ll cook it all up and freeze some of it for future meals without having to cook it over again!

Sunday: Leftovers: It’s our 7th anniversary, so The hubby and I are goin’ out, leaving the kids to fend for themselves 😉 Either that, or I’ll have hot dog fixin’s ready for them.


3 thoughts on “Menu Monday: Jan. 2-8

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  2. Thanks for sharing! Given your new endeavor to post this weekly, may I request that you give a mini review of the previous weeks’ plan with your regular menu plan Monday? I will be curious to know how it goes! Have you made those beef rolls before? How are they? I’m a little skeptical but they could fit our family’s diet with some modification, and I am always on the lookout for those! 🙂

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