To Do Tuesday:

Today has us getting back in the swing of things after a great break for Big from school! It seems that many parents talk about how messed up their kids schedules get during breaks, but we don’t seem to have that problem! My kids only slept in (until 8, and it was awesome!) one day of the whole vacation, and, for the most part, we still had them have their daily quiet time.

However, Little has taken the last 2 weeks to work on perfecting the 9am nap. Unfortunately, Big has to be dropped at Kinder at 9:30, so Little is in for a surprise when I don’t let her go to sleep at 9!

For that reason, my to-do list is going to mostly by accomplished at home, so Little Mommy doesn’t lose it out in public.

I hope to accomplish:

1. Put away Christmas boxes that have been mocking me since I put everything away on Dec. 26.

2. Make a DMV appointment to complete the registration of our van.

3. Make the meals for my freezer group that is meeting on Friday.

4. Rest before our friends come for dinner.

What is on your to-do list today? Leave a comment to inspire us!


9 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday:

  1. I too spent the day getting back “in the swing” of things. Brian mostly worked from home for the last 2 weeks since its such a slow time of year.
    I got everything done on my list today: Laundry, clean sheets & re-make the bed, vacuum, return 2 gifts, Costco, drop off some items at a friends office, work-out, pay bills, make dinner, dishes & enjoy a glass of wine!

  2. My to-do list for today is: Go to the gym at 9am, put all our stuff in our new pantry cabinet (done), go to my work to drop off paperwork, Target, and then the bank.

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