Weight-loss Wednesday:

Growing up, I was skinny. I mean, s-k-i-n-n-y.

And then I had 3 kids.

I’m not usually one to have body issues, but when not only am I feeling either like a sausage in every piece of clothing I own, or like I’m dressed in a mumu trying to hide it all, it starts the wear on a girl!

So, change starts now.

I still have 51 days until Little is old enough to go to the gym daycare (but who’s counting??), so until then, I am starting with watching what I eat.

First food to cut back on: SUGAR

I have a major sweet tooth that usually hits its high at 8:30pm and seems to only be satiated by too many Oreos. But I drink milk with them, so it’s healthy, right?

I completely cut sugar out a few days ago to give it a whirl, as I had heard that if you’re trying to lose weight and have never cut out sugar, it’ll make the biggest impact on your progress. I decided to splurge one morning and sweetened my coffee with a seasonal creamer (read: not available when I’m “back on sugar”).

Ho-lee cow.

I was a crazy person. After 2 tablespoons of a sweet creamer, I was bonkers! My mood could have just as well been a piece of playground equipment! It really made me consider how sugar affects my kids! And they don’t even get that much! (Sweets are mainly reserved for special occasions).

I think dropping extra sugar from our diets could help us in more ways than one!

What is your best weight-loss related advice? Leave a comment to inspire us!


9 thoughts on “Weight-loss Wednesday:

  1. A group of friends, family and Church members started a biggest loser weight loss challenge while watching season 13 of biggest loser, we started on January 3rd and just finished week 2… The biggest part of my weight-loss journey has been eliminating fast-food, coke and late night sweets after the kiddos closed their eyes for the night (and we also would down it with a glass of whole milk). Keep up the great work!! 🙂

    • I’ve done something similar to a Biggest Loser competition too, Linette! I hope you stay focused and see great progress in the coming weeks! My sweet tooth gets me every time too. There is no such thing as 2 Oreos in my book.

  2. I need to do better with my snacking. Since George is coming home next week for his 2 week R&R then heading back for 4-5 more months, I’ve been trying to get rid of all the snacks. The kids get something for dessert if they finish their meals. I’m trying to keep that in the house for their benefit but it is SO tempting. I finished off the ice cream and some other goodies last night. I need to buy some carrots to snack on at night.

    I too was skinny growing up but working out/swimming 20 hours a week helped. Now I need to force myself to get to the gym and get a good workout in.

  3. About a year ago I cut out gluten and refined, white sugar. Without changing my exercise habits, I completely lost my desperate need for my very own daily “quiet” time (aka “nap”) and lost 15 pounds . Then I started eating all that crap again and . 😛

    • I feel so much more centered and controlled! I wonder how much more I would feel that if I cut out caffeine. But The Hubby thinks I’m nuts enough as it is to cut sugar!

      • I actually haven’t gone through the cabinets to chuck the stuff with sugar in it. I’m just steering clear of the obvious sugars (I’ve got a major sweet tooth!). I should, though. I’ll check out that blog you recommended!

  4. 1.) My MIL informed me that Dark Chocolate Kisses are just 20 Calories per “kiss”. Dark chocolate has tons of great benefits (when eaten in moderation), its loaded with antioxidants and can help lower blood pressure & cholesterol! I find if I suck on 2 or 3 my sweet tooth has been completely satisfied and I haven’t totally blown my diet/calorie intake.
    2.) When I need a late afternoon (2:30 or 3ish when I’m dragging) boost of energy – instead of running for caffeine I drink an EmergenC!
    3.) Most people confuse Thirst for Hunger. If you think you’re “snacky”, drink a big glass of water & wait 10minutes. If you’re still hungry, then have a healthy snack.

    • The night you posted this comment, I got REALLY, as we call it around here, “snackie”. That means we are about to break open the Oreos or Twix bars. The Hubby repeated your “drink. Wait. Healthy Snack” advice to me. It worked 🙂

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