Thankful Thursday: Lightening Up

This past week, I have found myself thankful for a spirit of calm when it comes to my dogs, my kids, the status of my house, and my always-growing to-do list. Normally I get all spun up at needing to get everything done (when really, it’s NEVER *ALL* done), and feeling like a failure when something that was “higher priority” in my whacked out head goes undone.

Will the world stop turning if I don’t take the recycling to the recycling center today?

Am I a failure as a homemaker if clean clothes sit on my couch for another day?

Do I *really* need to snag that great deal at CVS if it also means having to go to the store with at least 2 kids and most likely ending with me in a tizzy and snapping at my 2-year old to figure out how to buckle her own carseat because I’m too much of a headcase at the moment?

Does it really matter if I leave the fort I made for the kids behind the recliner in the family room for one more day? Even if we have friends coming over for dinner?

The answer is NO. 

Over and over this week, I’ve heard whispers of “Lighten Up, Katie.” and I’m letting myself do just that. I’m working on letting go of some control (ever watch a 5-year old try to empty a dishwasher or stack Tupperware?) because, in the grand scheme, it doesn’t matter if the little plates are stacked on the big ones and the square Tupperware is nested in the other square Tupperware.

It doesn’t matter. 

And for as long as this feeling of calm lasts, I’m going to enjoy it.


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