Financial Friday: Better Than I Deserve

If you’ve ever heard Dave Ramsey field the question, “how are you?”, you know his infallible answer:

“Better than I deserve!”

Today, yesterday, and tomorrow, I will be better than I deserve, thanks to Dave Ramsey’s guidance. And today… TODAY… I get to tell him that.

We are scheduled for our Debt Free Scream today, January 6th, 2012, in the first hour of his national radio show (11-noon PST on 910 AM or the first hour is free on iTunes)

I am human.

I make mistakes. I stress out. I doubt. I lie (“no, sweetheart, I haven’t seen the 40th picture of Rapunzel that you’ve drawn this week. Maybe it’ll show up”). I cuss (though not often). I fall and I get up again.

I am human.

I love. I inspire. I focus on a task. I learn. I change.

Through our 28 months of focused intensity, I was blessed with a man who would hold me when I was falling. I was blessed with children to love and inspire. I was blessed to have chosen to embrace and encourage my personal relationship with Christ.

Like Dave Ramsey and despite who I was in the past, I am better than I deserve…

… and you can be too.




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