Menu Review: Jan 2-8

(To see my original menu, click here. Recipes are there too.)

I’ve been asked to do a review of the meals I made the previous week, which I’m happy to do! However, when paying closer attention to my habits, I realize I really go with the flow when it comes to actually preparing my meals.

Last week, I had my M-Su meal plan all set, but I hadn’t shopped yet. When I got to the store, I found the round steak needed for the steak rolls was WAY more expensive than I had anticipated (we don’t eat much red meat because of the cost) and there was no way it would fit in my budget to make for my freezer group, as originally planned.

So, I changed things up a bit.

It’s always good to be flexible, right?

The funny thing is that not a single meal on my menu plan happened like I said/thought it would. But we ate.

It’s always good to eat, right?

Monday: Latin Chicken We didn’t end up eating this because the Hubby’s plans got cancelled. So it’s still in the freezer.

Tuesday: No-Cook Night: We ran out of money in our budget, so the “pizza night” turned into a Tilapia Tacos Night. Better for us anyway… I love how quickly tilapia defrosts and cooks (I can have it go from frozen to on the table in 15 minutes!). My kids loved the fish, which always makes me happy. I made a Tex-Mex Rice to go with it, which was alright. I’m still searching for a favorite spanish/mexi/tex-mex rice recipe I like. Share if you have one!

Wednesday: SW Eggrolls: Made them, but didn’t eat them. They look awesome though! The recipe calls for deep-frying them from frozen, but I’m going to try defrosting them, brushing them with a little butter or oil, and baking them. We ate leftover fish tacos, flash heated in a super hot oven for 5 minutes. Perfection.

Thursday: Slow Cooked Beef Rolls: I didn’t even get the supplies necessary for this dish. I made and served what I had planned for Friday, Mexican Stuffed Shells. AWESOME.

Friday: Mexican Stuffed Shells: As I said, we ate these on Thursday. I had said I was going to double cook and stick it in the freezer, but I ended up giving the second set to a friend as a thank you for watching my kids for a couple of hours. I love doing that. My family LOVED these shells! They aren’t super spicy, but have a really nice flavor. The shells, cooked as per package instructions, were perfect (I had thought they would be undercooked, since they felt that way when I was stuffing them. I was wrong). The original recipe calls for you to add the shredded cheese after it’s been baking for 30 minutes. I hate extra steps, so instead, I put the cheese on and covered it with foil. I cooked @ 350 for 30 minutes and then took the foil off and cooked it for another 15 minutes. This recipe will easily become a regular occurrence in our house, especially since one box of shells makes 2 meals. I used 2 packages of ground turkey instead of beef. Yummy.

Instead of the shells, we ate Orange Herb Pork Chops, a meal from a previous Freezer Group exchange.

Saturday: Sausage Cheese Bread: I made the Sausage Cheese Bread for my freezer group instead of the beef rolls, and I REALLY didn’t like it. I even told my freezer group that I didn’t want to give it to them. I’m really not a picky eater, but this “bread” was more like a Sausage Cheese Brick. I’m not even sure smothering it in country gravy would make much of a difference. I think it would be better without the cheese, because I think the melted cheese weighed it down. I’m bummed I wasted 4lbs of sausage on this recipe, but I’ve learned my lesson.

Instead, I made Italian Eggs. I made this recipe up a few months ago when I was short of food in the fridge. It’s a poached egg on a toasted English Muffin covered with heated spaghetti sauce and shredded mozzerella. Sounds weird, but it’s awesome. And cheap for us, since we usually have that stuff in the house. Plus, the kids like it (sans sauce) and it’s super fast to make.

Sunday: Leftovers: My original menu had the kids eating Leftovers or Hot Dogs because the Hubby and I were going out to celebrate our 7 years of wedded bliss. However, we chose to not budget $100 for a nice dinner out, and instead, we opted for a romantic dinner IN. With three small children. Seriously.

We didn’t let the Bigs nap, so they’d go down early and easily, and Little goes down like a champ at 5:30pm. I’m a darn good cook when I have the money and the time, so I made a beautiful meal at home, and still spent less than we would have budgeted for a meal out!

So, there you have it, my reviews, as wacky as my plan turned out to be. I’m still glad I knew what recipes I had the supplies for (except those darn beef rolls!), even if it didn’t happen on the days I had anticipated.

Did you try any new recipes this week? Share and review them in the comments below!


One thought on “Menu Review: Jan 2-8

  1. When it comes to cooking and menu planning, I am NOT flexible so it is interesting to see how you flexed and made your menu plan work for you last week. I very rarely see the “after” report when people share their menu plans, so thank you! Hands down my favorite comfort food right now is Fiesta Chicken & Rice from Cook’s Country. I LOOOOVE the rice. Maybe you could modify it and have it work as a rice for you? Another suggestion I’ve seen is making rice in the rice cooker and using a chicken broth/salsa mix for the liquid. SO easy, that if it is mediocre at least it was only a little effort. 🙂 Anyway, here is a link to the Fiesta Chicken recipe. Delicious!

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