Weight Loss Wednesday: The 30 Day Shred

Jillian Michaels is a BEAST!

I’ve owned her video, The 30 Day Shred, for about 2 years, but I never made it past Day 4 of Level 1 (There are 3).

I am SUPER proud to report that I have completed Day 8 (my first day of Level 2) successfully! I’m sore every day, but I’m so proud that I’ve kept up. I do have to give the Hubby a big high-5 for being my “trainer”. He stays with me while I do it, pushes me to keep going, makes sure my form is good, and tells me to get to work if I haven’t done the workout that day (even at 9pm!).

This sounds ridiculous, but I was grating cheese for our dinner last night and I noticed a new little bump where I’ve heard these things called biceps typically reside. 😉 A difference in a week? I’m not sure if it’s all a head game, but I’m looking forward to seeing if it’s legit 3 weeks from now 🙂



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