Romans 8:28

Sometimes, it’s darn hard to feel thankful in your current state of mind/situation. Sometimes, it’s just easier to feel sorry for yourself and wallow in the mire.

Today, Little woke me up at 2:30 and again at 5:45. By 5:51 this morning (I can’t even say “bright and early” because the sun isn’t even up!), all three of my kids were aware. One because she needed to eat and have a diaper change. One because she sneezed. and One because she was scared.

I handled each of the mini-crisis’ in stride, nursing one, kleenexing another, and turning up the dimmed bedroom light for the other.

But it’s 5:51, and my kids should be asleep for at least another hour!

Long day ahead, I thought to myself.

I stumbled out to make coffee and sat at the computer to write my Thankful Thursday post. You see, when I wake up to chaos, I feel chaos in my veins all day long. I don’t want to let that get to me to change how I talk to my kids and how I tend to their needs.

Then it struck me.

My kids need me. My kids are happy (in the grand scheme), healthy (in the grand scheme), smart, beautiful, friendly, caring, interested, talkative, and genuine.

Just yesterday, I heard some sad news. A friend’s 1.5 year old’s playmate, Evan, fell at the park on January 3rd and was taken to Heaven yesterday. He was 2 years old. Same age as Middle. And now, his parents have to live the rest of their lives missing their sweet little boy.

Man. Talk about having a hard time finding thanks in a less-than-ideal situation!

And here I am bummed that my kids got up an hour earlier.

28 And we know that in all things God works for the

good of those who love him, who have

been called according to his purpose.

(Romans 8:28, NIV)

If Evan’s death was how I could turn my day around, to be thankful that my kids need me, good has come from it, however small the impact.

I am thankful for God’s master plan, for his knowledge far surpasses ours of what is to come.

If you want to hear more about Evan or help his family (he’s left behind Mom, Dad, and 3 siblings), please visit the Facebook page, Healing Evan. May peace be with his family as he is in the very capable hands of the Great Physician.



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