Let’s Talk Menu Planning: Part 1

I’m a big ol’ supporter of menu planning. Not only does it save you time and money, the stress substantially decreases when you don’t have the 4-o’clock-flip-out about what’s for dinner.

But menu planning can seem like a daunting task. Who knows what you’ll feel like eating on what particular night? What about all those recipes floating around on Pinterest, in magazines, and in decade old cookbooks?

After many many years of trying one thing after another, I’ve zeroed in on a system that is totally working for me. Who knows, it could be the answer to all your problems too! (well, not all your problems. I still have “bad hair” and “fat” days even though I’ve got a rockin’ menu planning system) 😉

Follow my super easy steps and be on your way to seamless menu planning every week!

Homework 1: Organize Your Recipes

Being the deal-junkie that I am, I subscribe to multiple magazines (all less than $3/year!) that just pile up on my hearth for “free time”. Being the baby-junkie that I am, I have little “free time”. So, when I get a few minutes, I flip, REALLY quickly, through my magazines and tear out anything that looks interesting to me (recipes mostly, but also organizational ideas, home decor, crafts for the kids, fitness programs, etc.).

Then I throw them all in a basket and they gather dust.


Sure, I’ve whittled my massive pile-o-mags down to a basket, but there is ZERO organization to them!

But I’ve figured it out.

I’ve had this rack thing floating around in my garage for years. I’m still not totally sure if it’s supposed to be for pot lids or for files, but I’m making it work for files. I took a handful of manila file folders I had on hand and labeled them with the various categories:











I took that big ol’ basket-o-paper and organized the recipes into it’s appropriate folder. It took me an hour to get through them all, but that’s not half bad, considering I had been accumulating the recipes for the past 3 years! And now, when I flip through my magazines, the recipes have a VERY easy home to land in. I don’t worry about keeping the folders in alphabetical order since there are only 10 of them.

Now, this is a multiple-part series on menu planning and we’ll be using this system for your homework in a couple of days. So, what are you waiting for? Go handle your business…



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