Let’s Talk Menu Planning: Part 2

This week I’m talkin’ about getting your menu planning ducks in a row. There is a little homework each day to get you ready to tackle the task each week without wanting to cry or rip your hair out!

Follow my super easy steps (beginning with Step 1) and be on your way to seamless menu planning every week!

Homework 2: Inventory your freezer.

If you are like me, you’ve likely squirreled away a good couple of weeks worth of meals, but need to know what you’ve got in order to use it! I write my current inventory in a Word Document (2 columns so it’s all on one pages). Then I print it to use in the next steps.

I have 5 categories:

Prepared Meals (Dinner Sized)

Prepared Meals (Lunch Sized)



Various Proteins

I also try to keep my freezer organized in the same categories. As I use something, I cross it off. Sometimes you have to move items from one list to another. For example, we had the Southwestern Eggrolls last week and they were AWESOME (more about that in my menu review for last week). But, I had 9 of them frozen, and we only ate 6, so I stuck the remaining 3 back in the freezer (they were still frozen), crossed it off the “Dinner Sized” list and wrote it on the “Lunch Sized” list.

When I sit down to make my menu for the week, I just make the changes to my freezer list from the previous week, and move on to the next step of menu planning.

What’s the next step of menu planning, you ask?

Come back tomorrow to find out 🙂


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