To Do Tuesday: The Clean Sweep

If you have little munchkins, you know how constant of a task it is to keep things in their places. Even when they are Itty Bitty, their toys, empty bottles, socks, burp rags, etc., have a way of ending up in the oddest of places. Middle brought a plastic egg from her play kitchen into the bathroom a couple of months ago and I only *just* got around to putting it in it’s place! And I’m pretty good about getting things back to where they originated from (and usually trying to have the kids help me with it. Start ’em young, folks!).

I introduce to you, the Magic Basket.

Now, I wish The Magic Basket would be like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, but alas, it is not. It has a finite amount of space (which is actually a good thing), and you can still see all of the stuff in it. But, it will help you catch those stray things that are all over your house!

First, You’ll need to pick a basket. My basket is a medium size (bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a laundry basket), and has handles. The objective is to keep the basket EMPTY. Once a day, once a week, or just when the clutter is getting to you, take your Magic basket around to each room, putting the randomness in the basket. Start at one end of the house and work your way through each room, not stopping to do anything except pick up what doesn’t belong. For those of you with older kids, they can help! I was having Big help me at 4-years old, but she needed me to go along with her.

Once you’ve made it from one end of the house to the to the other, start putting things away! If you don’t have a home for everything in the basket, either make one, or toss the item!

Remember, EMPTY your basket! It’s so easy to just leave the basket filled because it seems like your house is back in order, but you’ll be needing that basket the next time! That’s exactly why you want a basket that isn’t too big, so the putting away task isn’t overwhelming.

Are you using a system similar to this? Tell us about it!  


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