Thank You, Julia @ The Frugal Find!

When Julia contacted me and asked if I would consider writing a guest post for The Frugal Find, I was honored, amazed, and a little taken aback that she had even asked! Of course, I also jumped at the chance! I’m no dummy!

When it came to writing the piece, I found I had WAY more than 4 “take away” points, but I didn’t want to be too wordy for you folks. If reading my story (Part 1 and Part 2) left you with questions about logistics and the reality of a gal’s situation, I’m an open book! Please, feel free to contact me (even if you leave a comment, I moderate them, so it’s ok to tell me not to publish something).

Consider this your bonus “take away”: By letting go of the societal taboo about talking specifics in money matters, we were held accountable, and as it turns out, were able to help a bunch of people!

So, really… ask away 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thank You, Julia @ The Frugal Find!

  1. Ok so you said we can ask anything….How much do you take home a year or a month? Also if you could go back and keep yourself out of debt how would you do it? We have no debt but we do eat into our savings every month. Or even what are you doing now to keep yourself from falling into the same trappings…since now you have all that extra money that you used to be throwing at your debt.

  2. I loved your piece on the Frugal Find. My question is What if you don’t have the income to make big debt payments? I’m a stay at home mom of two boys (5mos and 3yrs) and I’m scared of having to go back to work and pay for a daycare( I think whatever pay I would make would be going to daycare) Every month I make a list of all the bills including small debt payments and Whatever my husband gets paid minus all the bills is what we have left over. There isn’t much left over (sometimes as small as $200 for two weeks) So how do I start? Thank you! 🙂

    • It just doesn’t make fiscal sense to go to work *just* to pay for day care that you wouldn’t need if you were to stay home! If going back to work doesn’t actually make you money, your time is worth more staying home!

      Think of other means of making money than the typical 9-5! For example, I love photography and offered to take amateur-pro pics for my friends who didn’t just want studio pics at the mall. I didn’t charge much, and in some cases, I did pro-bono (because the memory is worth more to me than the money). But it was something. Of the “pro-bono” folks, we almost always bartered for something, like a killer back massage when I threw my back out, which saved us money at the Chiropractor.

      I also started an at-home direct selling business which doesn’t make a ton, but when you’re viciously attacking debt, every penny helps!

      My husband also started writing for a national police magazine a few times a year, so that brought in some extra money too.

      Could you maybe watch a friend’s kid for a few hours each week for something extra? You could even look on Craigslist for a job like that! It would allow you to stay with your kids, but also make some money.

      Also, when you spend your money can be just as important as what you spend your money on! Be on the lookout for a blog post on just that thing! It’s one of the ways we “found” money each month!

      • Sometimes you have to think outside of the box! Thank you for the ideas 🙂 Can’t wait to see the blog post 🙂

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