Taking Requests

Today, as I enjoyed my “Mommy Time” (5:30-6:30am. The only one that can bother me is the Holy Spirit), I started plotting out my day. It’s a rainy day here in “Sunny California”, and I’m safe, snug, and sound in my humble abode with my Littles. The only reason I have to leave the house is to take and pick up Big from school.

My mind whirled with things to do: wash the Master bed sheets, vacuum the family room, fold 2 loads of laundry, clean my stove, make my grocery list.

And then it happened.

Pray for people.

A friend on Facebook had written “Lord, calm the anxiety of my heart today and set my mind on you.”

And all of a sudden, the sheets didn’t need washing.

I needed to be obedient. I needed to pray for people.

I felt a little weird posting “how can I pray for you today?”. After all, there is such thing, in my mind, as “Christian Weird”. However, the weirder I get, the happier I am. I humbly pray that you take a risk, and see the miraculous Lord walk you through the discomfort you feel taking the risk.

So, how can I pray for you today? (you can post anonymously if you’d like)


7 thoughts on “Taking Requests

  1. can you pray for my family we just found out my dad has throat cancer we dont know how much time he has left with us thank you adams family

    • Father God, You are not called The Great Physician for nothing! Father, You take away our pain as we enter Your glorious kingdom. I pray that every member of the Adams family may be awash with Your mighty healing powers. I pray they may keep their eyes on You, Lord, in the days/weeks/months ahead. I ask that you peacefully usher their father into Your heavenly kingdom when it is Your will to do so. Please let this man’s life be remembered with great honor as his young family attempts to navigate theirs without him. Bring peace to the hearts and let Your presence be known. Amen.

    • Father, I lift up this reader’s son to you. I pray for Your supreme wisdom and guidance be at his core. I pray for his family, who reaches out on his behalf. Give them the peace that passes all understanding and let them know their prayers have been heard. I pray Your will be done.

      • I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to say such a beautiful prayer. I believe when we are suffering God holds us a little closer to Him…I will focus on His indescribable love for my son.
        I hope your day is filled with love..

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