Order In The Chaos

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Not really sure why, but nothing I did, including asking my kids to pray with and for me, helped. We were having one of those there-is-always-someone-crying-fighting-fussing-yelling-stomping kind of days. It felt like the whole world was conspiring against me. Even my eggs that burned themselves had it out for me!


I took Big to school. One less kid should mean one less stress, right?


I put Little down for a nap. Two less kids should mean two less stresses, right?


I kept snapping at Middle, and was SO frustrated with myself!

So, I went to my happy place…

(No, not Target).

I picked up a broom and started sweeping our long neglected side yard. Then I gathered all of our yard tools that get left all around our yard and organized the garden shed. I couldn’t stop there! I emptied my self-watering planters that were home to some very comfy weeks, and rinsed them in preparation for our veggies I’m growing this spring hoping to not kill this summer.

Good. I got dirty. I felt better. (I looked pretty ridiculous cleaning my side yard in my nice(r) jeans and red patent leather flats.)

I went into the garage, and despite having already planned to do it on Friday (I was going to do this awesome pictorial blog post, too! For loving photography so much, I sure do suck at pictorial posts.), I set out to organize the kids toys.

Now, I’m not the kind of parent that lets every single thing my kids bring home stay here. I try to do a regular purging for broken, neglected, and just ratty toys to show my kids it’s ok to do completely for my own sanity. I did my last purge before Christmas, but things had already gotten out of control again!

I took out 4 large plastic bins and designated them  :1st”, “10th”, “20th”, and “sell”.

I grouped all of the kids toys (and I mean ALL of them) into categories.

  • Creative
  • Dress-up
  • Fort-making
  • Dolls
  • Music
  • Learning

In each of the numbered bins, I divided the categories up. In 2 of them, I put a couple of dolls, some doll clothes, some dress-up (one bin has princess dress-up, the other has dance dress-up), and a few of the learning materials. In the Dance dress-up, I put a couple of musical instruments so the kids could play for each other. I think I’m diggin’ the “fort-making/camping” bin the most. It has all their exploration things, like binoculars, and magnifying glasses. But, really, I tried to make sure there were interesting items in each of the bins, so it would keep them excited.

They also get to keep out their Leapster games, books, and coloring books for use all the time because those get used all.the.time. There would be more fights over the absence of those than anything else in the boxes!

My plan is to rotate the 3 bins throughout the month. The best part is that everything fits in the toy box and we’ll actually get to the bottom of the toy box once every 10 days (theoretically).

Now, I did this while Big was at school and they have YET to pitch a fit about it (they’re in bed already). I’m not really sure why I didn’t think to do this before!

I’m one of those people that breathes easier when things are in order and have a place that makes sense (that part is always a work in progress, as life is too!). So while my day may have started off in a less-than-awesome way, I feel calm and capable.

Thank God.



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