Katie’s Financial Wellness Tips: No More Loans!

I’ll make this short and sweet, since this concept seems like a no brainer. You want less debt? Stop making more!

When we were charge-card addicts, we thought of credit cards as an extension of our own money. Realistically, when you swipe that little plastic wonder, you are spending money that isn’t yours.

I drove a car that wasn’t mine.

I washed dirty diapers in a machine that wasn’t mine.

I slept on a bed that wasn’t mine.

I watched a TV that wasn’t mine.

I wore clothes that weren’t mine.

I used a video camera that wasn’t mine.

I took vacations, got my hair cut, bought a round of drinks, bought furniture (lots of it!), and ate at restaurants with money that wasn’t mine.

I got an education that wasn’t mine (ok, so that one doesn’t really work. I put the time in, but then I the Hubby had to put even more time in to get those jokers off my back!)

Trust me. I know how easy it is to fall into that selfish but-I-earned-the-right-to-treat-myself-to-XYZ mentality. It’s easy. And that’s what “they” are counting on. Really, had you earned the right to spend that money, you would have had the money to pay for it outright!

So, start earning your keep.

Don’t make a lot? Then don’t spend a lot.

I’m betting I could find things to cut in your budget that wouldn’t have you gasping for air in your monthly budget! (Think cell phones, cable, dining out, Starbucks, vacations… believe it or not, it’s *possible* to live without those things.)

But the big one: STOP borrowing money. Until you do, you will never break those chains that are slowly, but sufficiently, strangling the life out of you.

It’s funny. Now that all of our debts are paid and the bed I sleep in is mine, and the furniture I sit on is mine, and the car in the driveway is mine, I’ve come to realize it’s all just *stuff*.


5 thoughts on “Katie’s Financial Wellness Tips: No More Loans!

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  5. Its funny that you mention cell phones…… We got rid of our cell phones for over 2 years and REALLY didn’t miss them!!! It was an almost $200 monthly expense that I just could afford at the time nor could I justify. We got rid of them and added a $9.99 line through our cable.
    It was surprisingly nice to NOT be SO available to people ALL the time. If there was an emergency, we were at work during the day and home in the evenings. Imagaine that!?!?

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