Finding a Way…

Everyone has heard the old term “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Not my man.

The Hubby and I celebrated 7 years of marriage a few weeks ago. When we got married, I knew what I was in for. I knew his favorite meal was a box of Pasta Roni. I knew that he needs Pepsi more than he needs coffee (though he likes both, as long as the coffee is more cream and sugar than coffee!). I knew that he liked lima beans, asparagus (but only the tips), artichokes, raw carrots, corn (on the cob or frozen), and broccoli (but only the florets). I knew that he thought pasta in any shape or width larger than Angel Hair didn’t taste right. I knew that his favorite crackers are Chicken-in-a-Biscuit.

I knew it all.

But since then, I’ve seen him broaden his horizons. Actually, it’s more like he was looking out the window to the West and he sorta turned his head so now he’s looking more West North West.

He’s come to eat sauteed bell peppers and likes the flavor of sauteed onions, but still tends to push them out of whatever he’s eating.

As his 40th birthday approaches, I start to question his choices and what will keep him around the longest for us (I already deal with him strapping on a gun every day.) He jokes and says “I’m never going to die honey! I’m filled with preservatives!”

Hardy har har, smart guy.

I didn’t used to struggle with this, but with three growing girls, who would rather nosh of a string cheese or Ritz crackers than a bowl-o-broccoli, I’m starting to.

I often tell Big “live by example”. When she sees an injustice on the playground, I want her to tell her friends, “hey. Let’s not talk to our friends like that”. Or when she sees a kid climbing up the slide, when they are only to go down the slide? I want her to only go down the slide, not up it because everyone else was doing it.

Live By Example.ย 

So, how do I reconcile that with the fact that the Hubby doesn’t eat the things that would fuel his body instead of slowly breaking it down? How do I get him to see his body as a temple? How do I change a man that doesn’t want to be changed?

Aye. There’s the rub.

I’m trying to change him. I’ve fallen into the trap. Bad Wife. Bad.

So, I’m going to heed my own advice. I am going to Live By Example. Instead of changing HIM, I’ll change ME. There is no reason I can’t serve more vegetables. There is no reason I can’t make beets brussels sprouts a regular occurrence on the menu. I’ll just serve multiple veggies (that I know he’ll eat) so the kids see him asking “please pass the {insert veggie name here}”.

Now, if only he’d wake up so I can tell him all this. ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Finding a Way…

  1. My hubby isn’t quite that particular, but he does tend to be a very “habitual” eater…. He could eat a turkey sandwich every day for lunch for the rest of his life! He’s happiest when I make steak, potatoes and broccoli or chicken, rice and broccoli or pork chops, stuffing and broccoli…… Are we seeing a pattern here? There are some things he loves, some things he tolerates and some things he just won’t eat. So I make what he WILL eat and don’t worry about the rest.
    Brussel sprouts & lima beans – BLECH!!!!!

    • As D gets older, you may want that to change. It wasn’t until my kids started eating (or not eating, as the case may be) more and more “people food” that I noticed them refusing many of the same veggies as the Hubby.

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