Coming Soon: Freezable February

January in California is one of my favorite times of year. We’re done with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We’re not having to constantly tell our kids to put pants on because it’s cold outside. And usually, there is a nice little warm front that sweeps through. This past weekend, we took advantage of one such a day by brewing a batch of beer outside!

But February? That’s another story… Not sure if it’s accurate or not, but my mind thinks FREEZING when I think about the month of February. So, I’m putting a little spin on Freezing February with Freezable February!

Now that I’ve got this big ol’ freezer, I’m just itchin’ to fill it up! So, over the next few weeks, I’m going to be compiling a big ol’ yah (that was for you Dad) freezer meal list that I’m going to start filling my freezer with! Some will be T&T (Tried and True) recipes and some will be new. I just have to wait until payday to actually buy the stuff to make most of these things!

(And I figured out the THREE reasons I have only $10 in my food budget when, at this point of the month, I usually have $80-$100: 1) January was a 5 week month, 2) I have my freezer group this Friday and each of those two meals costs about $40 to make, and 3) I became addicted to WinCo this week. I went 3 times. I think I have a problem.)

If you have any freezer recipes you want me to try out and post the recipe to here (you’ll get a link, if you want it too), please leave me a comment and I’ll check it out. If it jives with my family’s tastes, I’ll go for it! I’m mainly looking for things that fit somewhere in these parameters (but I’m willing to look at others if you’re sure they’re awesome!):

  1. Relatively Healthy. I just don’t want to have to buy 7 new types of flour or gluten-free thisorthat.
  2. Kid Friendly
  3. Freezer Friendly (duh). If you aren’t sure if your recipe is freezable, I can take a look at it and figure out if it’s possible. I’ve found that 90% of the meals we eat work for the freezer in some capacity.

Ready. Set. GO!


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