God Loves Baseball Hats.

I got a bad haircut. In the 15 days since my haircut, I’ve liked it exactly 3 days.

I was going for non-mom, short, sassy, and sexy. As a new mom (again), I am NOT going for the “wash and go” style. I want the 20 minutes I take getting ready for the day to carry me through. I want to walk by a mirror and say “day-um… I look goooooood“. I don’t want to feel more like the schlub that this new mom often feels like. I wanted the cut to flatter my post-pregnancy, pre-weightloss face.

I spent hours scouring Pinterest for haircuts that would give me the change I wanted but would work with my semi-curly hair. One of the things I love about curly hair is that it gives me so much flexibility!

But three days out of 15?? That’s crazy.

As I reached for my baseball hat to cover up the atrocity, a wonderful thought came to me.

God is my baseball hat.

He doesn’t care what is underneath. He protects you from the storms. He saves your self-image. He makes you feel “cute” instead of “schlubby”. He shields your eyes from what could harm you. He offers comfort on hot days. He tells the world what “team” you’re for. He comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors; a perfect fit for any one. He is everywhere, even if you don’t notice Him.

Today, I’m not having a hide-my-hair-under-a-hat kind of day. I’m having a God’s-got-me-covered kind of day.





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