Household Problems: Tackling the Laundry Pile


Did you know washing dishes and folding laundry are said to be two of the most stress relieving chores in a household? Something about the monotonous movement being calming to the brain.

I call BS.

With three kids (one in cloth diapers), two dogs, and a husband that usually takes two showers a day, our laundry is never ending! I think those nudists are on to something!

I’ve never liked doing laundry, but when we had a TV in the bedroom, it wasn’t nearly the chore it is today. I’d put a show on, and zone out. I’d do it once a week (except for diapers, which are every other day), and spend an hour folding. One Grey’s Anatomy, and we were square.

Well, now we don’t have a TV in the bedroom and I don’t watch Grey’s anymore. I’ve tried doing one massive wash once a week. I hated the time consuming folding. I’ve tried doing small loads every day, but then it really felt like it never stopped!

So what’s a gal to do?

She heads to her happy place (Target) for an economical solution that puts a portion of the laundry duties in other family members hands!

I bought these 3 black baskets at Target (the RE brand) for $4.99 a piece. They came with s couple fun colors too, but I’m a straight edge like that, so I went basic black. They are big enough to hold 3 days worth of laundry for each of the kids, but small enough that Middle can still manage to carry her basket with the aforementioned laundry. I also like that the handles flip in to make the baskets stackable. I’m a girl who loves her options! I like that taking one small basket to put away can be done in less than a minute (and Big puts her own stuff away), instead of having to put away the big basket of clothes at once.

At some point, I’ll put each of the kids pictures on the baskets so they know which basket is theirs.

This is 2 days worth of laundry!

How do you keep laundry under control? (No need to reply if your answer is “I just go buy more underwear”) šŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Household Problems: Tackling the Laundry Pile

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    • Middle’s got folding towels pretty well at hand. Big’s decent at folding her own clothes, even though it takes FORVER. But that Little… she’s got some work to do šŸ˜‰ Now I understand why my mom started having me do my own laundry at 7!

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