Growing Closer to God

If you are new around these parts, you likely don’t know that I sort of drop off the blogging sphere every once in a while. Sometimes I just feel *so* overwhelmed, keeping my house tidy, keeping my kids fed, keeping myself sane, keeping my fridge stocked, keeping my blog updated, that I end up going on hiatus for a few days (sometimes longer).

‘Cuz I just can’t hang.

I wrote last week about Lent coming up on Feb. 22 and that I felt like God was calling me to do something that really made me uncomfortable. Not in a scary way, but it was definitely a challenge, that I clearly heard I’d be able to manage it with His power behind me.

The purpose of giving something up for Lent is to grow closer to God. I know that my kids are gifts that have been entrusted to me, and I feel God smiling when I am *happy* to be caring for them!  I can see His face when I read to my kids. I can see His face when I drop everything to tend to them. I can see His face when I watch them sleep (It’s not creepy until they’ve moved out). I can see Him in my kids… if I let myself.

So, when Middle says to me on a daily basis, “Mommy. Put your phone down so we can play”, I see His face, feeling ignored. Feeling second-fiddle. Feeling lonely.

And that’s my challenge from God. Put my phone away. Be present.

This past week, I have been more connected with my kids. I’ve felt more focused at home, instead of constantly refreshing Facebook in an obsessive manner. I’ve gardened a little. I’ve cooked a little. I’ve grocery shopped a little. I’ve taken “teaching moments” seriously with my kids, especially Big. I’m loving talking with her about one challenge that arises or another, from Middle taking her special notebook to praying for Bad People (I was able to connect Mother Goethel from Tangled in!). She’s starting to *get it*, and it’s up to me (and her daddy) to raise her in the way she should go.

I’ve decided to not give up all Internet for Lent, because, honestly, I get a great sense of connection writing out my thoughts on this blog. But that pesky phone? It’ll be in a closet when I come in the house.

And I’m scared $%*less I’ll fail.


3 thoughts on “Growing Closer to God

  1. I’m so glad you shared this. Growing up I thought lent was some legalistic thing you tried to get out of, sneak out of, or pick something so easy it was painless (I.e. “i will sacrifice my daily veggies intake!”). Now I see it so differently but have not incorporated it into my life. I will definitely have to think on it…..

  2. I thought I would fail last year when I fasted FB. Yet, not only did I do it, I even went a few days longer AND I never went back to some of the addicting games I was playing. I know you know this, but if God is calling you to do it and you cling close to Him YOU WILL NOT FAIL. God will provide for ALL of your needs, according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. And I think its a great fast. =) It will break some habits & instill some new good ones too.

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