Lenten Fasting: Day 5

Being off Facebook in the hours my kids are awake and needing my attention is the easy part.

Giving my kids my full attention, that’s the hard part.

On on Day 5 of my Lenten Promise and I’m not sure I’m rockin’ my “mindful mothering” mission like I had hoped. While, yes, of stayed off Facebook, I’ve found myself just finding other things to occupy my time and my hands.

I’ve started to clean up the backyard.

I’ve washed the screens from the windows and the windows themselves.

I’ve purged all 3 kids closets and drawers.

I want to beat myself up about just finding other ways to busy myself, but I won’t. I know God laid this Promise on my heart, and even though I can get side-tracked by all of the projects I want to do with my newfound time, I’m still remaining faithful.

And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have discovered that Middle is really good at Dominoes.

I call that a win.


One thought on “Lenten Fasting: Day 5

  1. Good for you!! 🙂 Maybe I should do that. But…. then I would probably spend all my new time laying on the couch “being pregnant” and not doing anything productive anyway. 😉

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