Weight Loss Wednesday: Who Knew??

We had Little’s 6 month Well Baby visit last week and I was a bit dismayed to find out she’s dropped from the 50th percentile for weight to the 7th! I vowed to be more consistent with offering her solids as well as nursing her more.

(stay with me… This IS a Weight Loss Wednesday story…)

I went to get dressed the morning after the appointment, still mulling over how to get her to GAIN weight, as I slipped into my jeans. I buckled the belt, as per normal, but the denim was bunching up all around my waist!

I had been noticing my pants being super baggy by the end of the day, but these ones were freshly laundered and still baggy!

So, I opened The Drawer. You know, the one with all the pre-pregnancy pants that make you feel like a total sausage post-baby, but that you like to keep handy just in case the pounds magically melt off in between nursing sessions and ferrying the other kids around.

They fit.

Had to be a fluke, right?? Maybe those were my “big Size 10s”. So, I tried on another… And another… And another.

They ALL fit!

Not only did they zip and button, I could breathe!

Then it occurred to me.


In the past few weeks, I’ve dramatically decreased my milk intake! I had been drinking 32-48 oz A DAY of 1% milk!

Duh. I needed to feed Little MORE milk to make her gain weight, so naturally, drinking LESS milk would mean loss!

The best part? I hardly miss the big cold glass of the white stuff and I don’t have the anxiety that comes from “dieting”.

What have you cut that made TW biggest difference for you? Was it difficult?


One thought on “Weight Loss Wednesday: Who Knew??

  1. Good for you! I think your poundage just jumped ship from your house to mine in the last week!!! :/ After baby #2, I basically went to meat (lean protein) and green veggies and water and the weight practically fell off while I just kept eating. Not sure I will have the fortitude to do that again with 4 kids but we shall see.

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