To God Be The Glory.

Often I’m told things like “You’re an amazing Mom” or “If anyone can do XY AND Z with 3 kids in tow, it’s you. You’re Supermom”.

To be honest, it makes me a little uncomfortable. Hearing those things make my hard days harder because I feel like I’m failing, not just struggling.

During my emotional baggage dump at my book study group yesterday, about this very thing, one of the most helpful statements came from my girl, Patti.

“Katie, you’re supposed to be a reflector.”

It dawned on me why those “Supermom” comments are so hard to hear. My ability to clean the house, run errands, and teach my children is not because of ME.

It’s because of HIM.

I am ABLE to do what I do because of HIM.

The past few weeks have been hard on me. I’ve felt a huge sense of disconnect in my life, in my friendships, my organization, my kids, and sadly, my faith.

After talking with my study ladies yesterday, I realized I needed to focus on my faith and my relationship with Christ and the rest would fall into place. So, this morning, despite waking up twice in the night with Little, I got up at 5am to spend some QT with The Big Man Upstairs. If I can’t find the time during the day, I’ll make the time for Him.

Today, I’ve felt this sense of calm wash over me. My kids are playing well together. I’ve found balance in keeping house and being with my kids. I feel able, once again.

To God be the glory.


2 thoughts on “To God Be The Glory.

  1. Love this post!!! Try to also make time for you and hubs…. I know when I start to feel disconnected its because we haven’t spent enough “adult time” together!

  2. You may not be perfect, my love, but you are incredible! It’s also the way He made you…don’t lose sight of that! xoxo

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