Pesticide Free Produce

For so long I’ve been fixated on how *much* food costs, without thinking of how *good* it is for us. Before, if I thought “Organic”, I thought “expensive”, and automatically went for conventionally grown foods.

However, I’ve come to find out (from Tiffany, of course. That girl knows her stuff!) that to become “Certified Organic”, it takes SEVEN years for a farm to qualify. It’s a painstaking process that costs the farm a lot of money, and obviously, a lot of time. First, they have to farm in their existing soil for five years without the use of pesticides. Then they have to dig out their topsoil and lay a new layer of organic soil and farm in that for another 2 years before they can become “certified”. Many farms choose to not do the digout process, but still farm without use of pesticides.

Your helpful tip of the day: Ask farmers if they are pesticide-free. The prices may not be way out of range, because they didn’t undertake the digout costs.

Today, I found many of the farmers to be pesticide free, but I stopped short of asking for how long. Next time, I’ll take the leap, because technically, you could be pesticide free for a single crop rotation, but it still lingers on the soil, affecting the taste of the produce.

So, I knew I was going to the Farmer’s Market to get $16 worth of fruits and veggies (It was what I had in small bills), and that I was going to buy only pesticide free or organic produce. I had a $20 stashed in my envelope system for a piece of protein or milk if we needed it before we get paid this Friday.

Below is my bounty! I spent $21.75 because I ended up splurging on a loaf of bread.


1 lb of cherries

2 bunches of beets

1 bunch of Swiss Chard (my experiment for the week. Looking for recipes!)

4 tomatoes

2 baskets of raspberries

1 basket of strawberries

1 red onion

2 bell peppers

1/2 lb apricots

1 lb pluots

1 loaf of Organic Whole Wheat bread

1 FREEBIE loaf of Spelt bread

The best part of the market today? Making a lunch of pesti-free berries and Spelt bread PB&J for Middle.



5 thoughts on “Pesticide Free Produce

  1. Great job doing your research and expanding your family’s horizons! Just a tip: your don’t have to go 100% organic. There are only 12-14 fruits & veggies that you should always purchase only certified organic including all lettuces, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, nectarines, apples, and all berries. There are many great articles, just do a Google search for “the dirty dozen”. Good luck!!

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