Reusing Baby Food Jars

I’ve given up, for the most part, making Little’s baby food. I realized it was adding to my stress, making sure I was offering a variety, prepping and cooking, and forgetting to take it out of the freezer in time to eat. It was an obvious choice, though a difficult one.

Now, I have a boatload of baby food jars lying around. I couldn’t just toss ’em in the recycling bin, ‘cuz I know how versatile they can be! So far, my kids have made maracas (using google eyes. Kinda creepy) and I have started using them as leftover containers and on-the-go snacks! Hello, portion control!



3 thoughts on “Reusing Baby Food Jars

  1. AWE – Sorry making Little’s baby food didn’t work out for you….. I LOVED making D’s baby food. Although I gave up on the cloth diapers pretty early. I guess we all have our “thing” that we just aren’t willing to deal with!
    I love the portion control! I use D’s little bowls for ice cream for myself and my husband. It looks like we’re enjoying a HUGE serving of ice cream, until you notice how tiny the bowl is! LOL
    Love that you’re blogging again….. I’m planning on making those biscuits this wknd!

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