3×5 Cards: The Work Horse of the Office Supplies

Oh, 3×5 cards, how do I love thee!!

If you haven’t stocked up on 3×5 cards at the school supply sales, or you haven’t high-tailed it to the Dollar Store, do it.

Some of the few things I use my beloved 3×5 cards for:

1) A note to The Hubby for what we need to budget for. I just slip the 3×5 card into our “budget box”, and when we sit down to do our budget, there they are! It also is helpful to have them on separate pieces of paper so you can physically prioritize them on a need basis. I write down whatever details I know about the item (due date, projected cost, etc.) and then forget about it.

2) Individual shopping lists. I head each 3×5 card with the various stores I go to and write what I need at that particular store. If I know the price, I’ll write that too, just in case I happen to find a better price while I’m out and about!

3) My “calls pending” are written on 3×5 cards.

4) Remembering Bible verses that speak to you. I have a few 3×5 cards tucked in my Bible and I always smile when I re-read them.

5) Leaving notes in your kid’s lunch box. Just the right size for just the right kid.

What do you use 3×5 cards for?



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