Lentil Soup

I am a soup kind of gal. As soon as the air is cold enough to kick my heater on in the morning, I immediately think *soup*. (Well, technically, I think “holy bananas it’s cold! Why do I have to get out of bed today? I wonder if Big is big enough to pack their lunches, make me coffee, fix breakfast, and ferry herself to school…”

THEN I think about soup.


Lentil Soup

Recipe adapted from vrg.org

(Serves 4)

1/2 red onion, finely chopped

1 small yellow onion, finely chopped

2 teaspoons olive oil (you can omit the oil. I did)

3 cups water

1 cup dry green lentils, rinsed

1 red potato, peeled and finely diced

1 large tomato, peeled and diced (drop a whole tomato in a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds. When you take it out, it’s SUPER easy to peel!)

1 small stalk celery, diced

1 small carrot, slivered

garlic to taste (we like a lot)

1/4 cup freshly chopped parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

In a deep soup pot, sauté onions in heated oil. Add water and lentils and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, adding more water if needed to keep the 3-cup level of liquid (I needed an extra 3 cups!). Cook lentils until barely tender. Add all other vegetables and seasonings. Continue to cook for at least 20 minutes. Fork-mash or purée mixture. Serve warm.

I didn’t mash nor puree my mixture, but it was delicious! And the perfect mate for my crusty bread. Even my Big ate most of it! I’d like to find the perfect leafy green salad and vegan dressing to serve with this, because it’s a great Fall dinner!


2 thoughts on “Lentil Soup

  1. my family loves lentil soup! looks yummy! only wish it wasn’t 95* the first day of fall (we live in TX) so we could actually enjoy it with out sweating…

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