Plant-based Shopping Trip #1

You’ve seen my menu for the week, now it’s time to check out the shopping trips!

While Big and Middle were at school, I dragged Little and a friend’s Little (2 years old) out to my new favorite store: Sprouts.

If you have a Sprouts near you, GO. It’s like Whole Foods, but you get to keep most of your paycheck. It’s like Trader Joe’s, but you can buy well-known namebrand whole foods. It’s like Safeway, cuz you can use coupons! It’s like the Farmer’s Market cuz they’ve got great prices on local produce!

I’m SOLD. (plus I think it’s cool that they print double-sided receipts.)

At Sprouts, I bought the following:



Chili Powder: $.69/oz

Cayenne Pepper: $.69/oz

Long Grain Brown Rice: $.69/lb

Pearled Barley: $.99/lb

Quinoa: $3.49/lb

Raw Cashews: $5.99/lb


Earth’s Balance Buttery Sticks (Vegan): $4.69

Extra Firm Tofu: $.99


Hoisin Sauce: $3.49

Organic Canned tomatoes: $2.39


10lb Russet Potatoes: $3.00

Asparagus: $2.79

(4) Pears: $1.30

Cauliflower: $2.46

(7) Tomatoes on the Vine: $3.21

(10) Gala Apples: $3.29

(6) Garlic heads: $2.00

(3) Avocados: $1.00 (!!!)

(6) Red Bell Peppers: $2.00 (!!!)

(5) Red Potatoes: $1.52

(3) Sweet Potatoes: $2.40

3lb onions: $1.64

(2) Yellow Squash: $1.08

Total Spent @ Sprouts: $49.69

But I wasn’t done shopping yet. I asked the girls where we should go next, the park or Trader Joe’s, and the only verbal one said “Trader Joe’s!”. Who am I to argue with a 2 year old? So off we went.

At Trader Joe’s, I bought:


Soy and Flax Seed Tortilla Chips: $2.49

Coffee: $6.99

Dijon: $1.69

TJ’s Rice Drink: $1.69

Frozen Corn: $1.29

Frozen Edamame: $1.69

(5) Bananas: $.95

Total Spent @ Trader Joe’s: $16.79

But WAIT!! Would you believe that sweet little 2-year old opted to go to Costco instead of the park?? Seriously…

At Costco, I bought:


Organic Spinach: $3.49

Organic Romaine: $3.49

French Green Beans: $3.99

English Cucumbers: $2.99

Organic Frozen Berry Blend: $9.99

Craisins with Pomegranate Juice: $6.99 (my *only* impulse buy on the day! Great for a snack or in oatmeal!)

Total spent @ Costco: $30.94

At all 3 stores, I spent $97.42 total for my entire week of my menu. I’ve still got $152.58 to plan the next week’s menu and other odds and ends that we’ve run out of (running dangerously low on Peanut Butter). I’m feeling pretty good about the money aspect of this plant-based eating, and how I’m feeling physically and mentally ain’t too shabby either! I’ll save that for another blog post though 🙂

Tomorrow is cooking day!!


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