Plant-Based Eating: Week 1 Reflections

Since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed food. I’d be the kid who ate 3 breakfasts. My family used to call me their “little truck driver”, cuz, Lawdy lawdy… could I put it away!

I have very little self-control when it comes to food, but I think it stems from the fact that, no matter how much I eat, I’m rarely *stuffed*. Try as I might, I still feel that little ache of hunger, even immediately after a big meal! While I’ve been blessed with a high metabolism, since having children, I’ve noticed a difference. I can’t eat and eat and eat and never see the consequences… (I know most people who see me think I look great, but under the clothes, *I* can tell a difference).

It’s been one week since I have put anything besides plants and whole grain in my body.

I feel great. 

On Days 1-3, I was cranky and I remember having a pretty decent headache for much of Day 3 and 4. Then things started to get better. Much better.

I no longer feel that dull ache of hunger. I no longer feel MASSIVE mood swings when my blood sugar drops. I feel more clear headed and much less overwhelmed, despite the fact that I am completely changing a large part of my daily life in how I plan, cook, and eat. I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning instead of 2 in the AM and another at naptime. (I hope to soon make the transition to warm lemon water, to aid in digestion.)

I’d say, overall, it’s been a really great week for me. I’m positive, energetic, and focused. But best of all, I’m not hungry.


2 thoughts on “Plant-Based Eating: Week 1 Reflections

    • I’ve been trying to eat whole grains for a few years now, but I was drinking upwards of 48oz of cow’s milk (which I cut a few months ago)! We basically had meat and LOTS of cheese at every meal!

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