Plant-based Shopping Trip #2

You’ve seen my menu, now check out my groceries! Can you believe I only spent $39.61 for an entire week’s worth of dinners??



Red Lentils @ $1.34/lb (bulk) (I spent $2.04)

Dill Weed: $.19 (bulk)

Raw Cashews: $6.74/lb (bulk) (I spent $5.39)

28oz can of Tomatoes: $1.69

1lb carrots: $.77

Asparagus: $1.99/lb (I spent $2.15)

Baby Lemons: $1.49 (7 in a bag)

Cauliflower: $1/2lb (I spent $1.28)

Gala Apples: $.99/lb (I spent $2.02)

(2) Grape Tomato Pints: 2/$4

Cabbage: $1/2lb (I spent $.60)

(4) Avocado: $2.00

Italian Parsley: $.50

Cilantro: $.50

(6) Red Bell Peppers: $3.00

(5) Roma Tomatoes: $1.49/lb (I spent $1.64)

+$.10 bag credit ($.05/bag)

For a total of $29.16 spent at Sprouts.


Trader Joe’s

Mini Whole Wheat Bagels: $1.99

Lavash Bread: $1.99

Mini Pitas: $1.99

Corn Tortillas: $1.99

Soy and Flax Chips (not pictured): $2.49

For a total of $10.45 spent at Trader Joe’s.

And I still have $21 in my Food Budget! I’m one happy lady right now…


4 thoughts on “Plant-based Shopping Trip #2

  1. I thought of you today as I was shopping at sprouts and their 25% off bulk sale! They also overcharged me by more than $5 so check your receipt!

    • Actually, I noticed as I was writing this trip up, that I wasn’t charged the sale price for the cashews… the difference is very small, but I’ll be sure to look next time!

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